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Cache image ordering

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Cache image ordering

Speed up album build if ordering by camera date

Cache thumbnails

jAlbum>Preferences>Explorer>Cache thumbnails

Speed up display of local thumbnails.



Group objects by year, month and day based on camera date


jAlbum>Edit>View and edit properties>Camera

Displays camera metadata for the image.

Camera date

JAlbum>Explore>File attributes>Camera date

Date that a photo or video was taken.

Cancel setting changes

JAlbum>Settings>Cancel changes

Exit settings without applying changes

Change directory locations

jAlbum>Settings>General>Change directory locations

Change the location of your project

Change indicator

jAlbum>Welcome>Change indicator

Indicator to alert you of changes made since the last album make operation.

Check for updates

JAlbum>Menus>Help>Check for updates

Check to see if you have the latest version of jAlbum.

Clean old 'res' files on Make album

jAlbum>Preferences>Projects>Clean old 'res' files on make album

remove redundant files from the project's 'res' folder.

Close progress dialog when done

jAlbum>Preferences>General>Close progress dialog when done

Close the progress dialogue window when album build is complete.

Close Project

Close Project CMD/CNTRL + W

JAlbum>Explore>Projects pane>Contextual Menu >Close project

Closes the current project leaving the ‘Empty’ project selected.

Code Gnomes™

Malignant creatures who invade a developer's computer and damage his finely crafted code. Jaded skeptics maintain that these are actually just entities to act as fall guys for bad coding that results in weird and/or hard to track down errors. This reveals how little they know.

Collaborative albums

JAlbum>Collaborative albums

Jalbum>Settings>General>Collaborative Albums

JAlbum>Explore>Projects pane>Collaborative album

Collaborate with others to build an album

Colour space

Managing images with jAlbum

RAW files


jAlbum>Settings>Pages>Thumbnail layout>Columns

Control for how many columns of thumbnails appear in each row.


JAlbum>Explore>File attributes>Comment

Text field to add information on the current object.

Comment Sources

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>Metadata>Comment Sources

Select the sources of comments to be used, in the order found.


JAlbum>Explore>Thumbnail views>Comments

Text field to add information on the current object.

Config directory

JAlbum>Menu>Tools>Open directories>Config directory SHIFT + CMD/CNTRL + C

The directory that contains jAlbum's user specific files - the configuration directory.

Console Snippets

Console Snippets

Things you can do in the system console that you never new!

Context help

JAlbum>Menus>Help>Context help F1

Takes you to the help page for the part of jAlbum that you are currently using.

Contextual menu

jAlbum>Explore>Contextual Menu

JAlbum>Explore>Projects pane>Explore Contextual menus

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>User Variables>Contextual menu

jAlbum>Project Gallery>Contextual menu

A menu that provides options that are based on the currently selected item(s), or the position of the cursor within the application's window.

Convert link to copy

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Convert link to copy

Change a linked object to a copy of the object.

Convert upper case to lower case

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Convert uppercase to lowercase

Converts file names of objects in the image directory to lower case

Copy file metadata to xmp

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Copy file metadata to xmp

Copy oringinals if needed

jAlbum>Settings>Pages>Image linking from thumbnails>Copy originals if needed

Ensures originals are on the server if originals are included in the album.

Copyright embedding

jAlbum>Settings>Images>General>Copyright embedding

add xmp copyright metadata to images

Copyright URL

JAlbum>Explore>File attributes>Copyright URL

The URL to copyright information for the current object

Correct image orientation

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Correct image orientation

Fix problems where thumbnail and slide images have different rotations


jAlbum>Edit>Image editing (toolbar)>2.4 Crop

Crop the image.

Crop focus

jAlbum>Explore>Folder properties panel>Crop focus

jAlbum>Explore>Contextual menu>On thumbnails>Crop focus

Set the area of interest for a theme image

Create new skin...

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Skin developer>Create new skin...

Lets your create your own skin!


JAlbum>Explore>File attributes>Creator

The name of the person who created the object

Credit Links

jAlbum>Settings>Pages>Credit links

jAlbum will by default create a discrete credit link ("powered by jAlbum") that links to jalbum.net.

Custom ordering

jAlbum>Explore>Ordering files in each folder

Actions that result in 'custom' ordering being applied

Custom panels

jAlbum>Edit>View and edit properties>Custom panels

Custom panels, installed by skins, can appear in edit mode.

Custom (Video) Settings

jAlbum>Settings>Videos>Video Settings>Custom Settings

Examples of custom settings for FFMPEG:

jAlbum>Settings>Videos>Video Settings>Custom Settings>Adding a watermark

jAlbum>Settings>Videos>Video Settings>Custom Settings>Changing the volume

jAlbum>Settings>Videos>Video Settings>Custom Settings>Remove audio from video