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Batch Renaming

This can assist you in batch renaming your files in various powerful ways. You can access jAlbum's batch rename tool by selecting thumbnails inside the Explore view and right clicking or hovering over a selected item and selecting 'More' and then 'Rename x items'.


These are the rename tools:

Replace text

Rename-Replace text.png

This will replace any incidence of the text entered in the 'Find' field with that in the 'Replace' field. An example of the result is shown below the 'find' text field. If the 'replace' field is left empty then the 'find' text is simply removed from the file name(s).

Advanced find and replace can be performed using regular expressions, also known as regex. This will let you reorder or replace certain characters in your file names, there are various sources of information on regular expressions on the web but one example is shown below:

To remove an underscore character and if followed by numbers all those numbers until a non-digit character occurs. Find:


This groups the search string into three parts, everything up to the underscore (.*), numbers following the underscore ([0-9]+) and everything after any numbers (.*)



This replaces the original text with the text found in groups one $1 and three $3.


'Filename_123_abc.jpg' becomes Filename_abc.jpg'

Add text


You can add text either after the existing file name or before it, remember to add a space,or other delimiting character if required, before/after the additional text.

Add Keywords

Rename-Add Keywords.png

Any keywords assigned to each of the selected files can be added before or after the existing file name. For example a file called 'image' with the keywords 'Landscape' and 'Sunset' would be renamed to 'image Landscape, Sunset' at the same time one called 'photo' with keywords 'Portrait' and 'Wedding' would be renamed to 'photo Portrait, Wedding'.


There are three sub-choices for renaming using format, in all cases the original file name is used unless text is entered in the 'Custom format' field, in which case that text is used as the base name for all selected files.


Name and Index will add a number before/after the file name, starting with the a number in the range of 0 and 99,999.


Name and Counter is the same as above except that if needed leading zeros are added to the numbers to make a five digit number..


Name and Date will add the date taken the file was created, if available otherwise the last modified date. The date is added in the format of 'year-month-date hours.minutes.seconds'. Note, the 'Start number at' field is disabled.