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Video editing

If when adding a video it is not shown in the correct orientation enter edit mode and use the rotate left/right button to correct its rotation before building the album.

jAlbum's video editor lets you trim the beginning and end of video files. You can also select what frame to use to represent your video in the album. jAlbum supports 164 video formats and converts them to mp4 format for use by most web browsers. Additional settings for controlling the quality and resolution, or for advanced users full custom control, can be found under Settings/Video

Edit Video.png

The figure to the right shows a grayed out play button, this is to indicate the file is a video, it is not a play button for previewing your video. Scrub bars 1+2 and 3 only appear if video support has been enabled in Preferences/Advanced>Video support.

Adjusting the position of the green circle (1) sets the start point, and the red circle (2) sets the end point, of the video in your album. The white slider (3) sets the frame of the video to be used as the thumbnail. The default thumbnail is from a frame one second from the start. For all three, click and drag slowly and the video preview will update to show the frame selected. Note: the time boxes do not update. They just show the length of your original video.

You can, depending on the skin, of course, enter a title and comment (caption), as you would for any other file type. The other editing tools here only affect thumbnails and slide images, not the actual video.

Editing MP4 videos

Edit Video MP4.png

MP4 format videos can be opened in a pop-up window. Hover over the thumbnail and select 'Open' from the 'More' menu or simply double-click the thumbnail. The controls now available are:

1 Set thumbnail
Drag the circular playhead to the desired frame and click the camera icon to make that frame the video's representing thumbnail.

If you previously had used .thm files you will need to force reprocessing of thumbnails, the easiest way is to delete the album (output) thumbnail for each video using this method.

2 Rewind
Returns the playhead to the start of the selected clip.
3 Play
Allows you to preview the selected video clip.
4 Scrub bar
The left control sets the video clip's start position, the circular control is the 'playhead' showing the position of the currently displayed frame and the right control sets the clip's end position. The time information shows the active clip start and end times, when dragging the start or end controls the clip length will be displayed under the control.
5 Volume
Clicking on the speaker icons sets the volume level to mute or full, dragging the circular controller lets you control the playback volume level. These controls only affect the preview volume.
6 Full screen
Lets you preview the video in fullscreen mode, press escape or click on the collapse window icon to return to the preview window mode.