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RAW File editing

Note currently metadata in RAW files is not supported


Converts the RAW file to a jpg file in the album's output, it does not create a jpg file within the project itself. If a jpg image with the same base filename is added then the jpg image will be used for the album and the RAW file will not get processed.

Note: If an audio clip is attached to the RAW file it will appear in the album even if a jpg of the same name is in the project, as long as the RAW file remains in the project.

jAlbum does not currently read xml sidecar files, so will not honour conversion settings made in other applications. When editing Raw files an additional panel is added to the top of the stack to the right of the preview image, as shown below right.

Suggestion: when editing RAW files keep the histogram tab open by detaching it.


The initial settings applied by jAlbum are as shown.

White balance

White balance can be set to the common camera settings of:

As shot
Default (D65 lamp)

Exposure correction

Exposure correction can be adjusted between +/-2 in steps of 1/3.

Preserve highlights

Preserve highlights can be set between 0 and 1 in steps of 0.1, it only works when 'blown' highlights are present in the image.


People are good at seeing shadow detail but less good at highlights, gamma can alter an image so that details in shadows can be preserved. Gamma can be set to:

BT.709 is gamma of 2.4 and generally used for HD TV.
Linear is a gamma of 1 and is used by digital cameras.
sRGB is gamma of 2.2 and is used generally for computer screens.


Makes the image brighter, naturally.

Can be adjusted between +/-10 in 0.1 steps.

Output colour space

Output Colour can be set to:


For images that are to be viewed with a web browser the output should be set to sRGB, other colour spaces may result in colour shifts.

Set as default

Save the current settings as a default to be applied to all images in the current project.

If you save the project settings 'as default' from the menu then these settings become the default for all new projects with RAW files.


Reset: to either jAlbum initial conditions or the project's default.

Custom setting reminder


Once any setting has been adjusted away from the default setting a red warning dot will appear to the right of the white balance setting, see image to the right.