Developer center


Are you a developer? Want to learn how to develop skins for albums published with jAlbum, or how to write plugins for the application? Our developer center contains all the information you need, and more.

Skin development

Want to learn how to write your own jAlbum skin? or perhaps you just want to know how you can enhance your favorite one? The skin development section of the developer center covers all you need to know when working with jAlbum skins. For model skins, showing how to implement specific functions see this thread in the skin developer forum




Plugin development

Skins extend the way jAlbum present albums. Plugins extend jAlbum itself. In the plugin development section you will learn how to make your own plugins.


The jAlbum desktop application is partly open source and can be extended in all sorts of ways. You can learn how to write your own image filter or external tool by browsing the API. If you need help during development, use our development forum section!

You can promote your plug-in or external tool in the external tool & plug-in forum



An aid to customising jAlbum’s GUI look and feel themes * Java swing UI defaults See related System console snippet