Adding template pages


This guide is for those skins that use jAlbum's template pages to add extra pages to an album. Typical pages are 'About' and 'Contact' but can include sitemaps, best of, tumbler feeds etc. The number and range of pages available is skin dependant. The following examples on adding about and contact pages use the Tiger skin, but these two template types are likely to be very similar in other skins.


Open the project that you want to add the new pages to and ensure you are in 'Explore' mode and that 'Filename' is selected, then click on the 'Add Page' icon in jAlbum's toolbar to reveal the list of available pages. Note, when adding a template a 'link' to the file within the skin being used is added to the project. If you later change skin then the link will point to the new skin's template, if one exists, if not then the link will appear as a 'broken link file' with a large red 'X' on its thumbnail. If you try to repair the link you will get a popup message saying 'This is a dynamic link. It shouldn't be repaired.'


For advanced users only! If you want to edit a template it is recommended that you convert the link to a copy. As a reminder of that, you will see a message popup if you attempt to edit the link. Note, if you have a copy of a template and switch to a skin that does not support that template then an error will result. The error will be something like this:

ParserException: <eval>:5:6 Expected ; but found nameOfTemplate
File nameOfTemplate = new File(rootOutputDirectory, "nameOfTemplate");

Where nameOfTemplate is the actual name of the template in question.

You are responsible for fixing such errors by removing the template or reverting to the skin that it came from.

Add an About page

Choose About.htt, then navigate to the 'About.htt' thumbnail and double click it to open it.


You will see three sections where you can enter information. The first section is for your own portrait image, click on the 'Select' button to open a file browser and navigate to the image you want to use. it can be a photo of you or why not an image you think represents you well. If you don't want to have a photo at all you can just skip uploading one.

Next is the 'Header' section, add something appropriate like "About me" or why not use your name as heading.

The last section is 'Text', where you can enter as much detail as you want to.

When you have completed entering the information click on 'Make album' to preview your new page in the album.

The image below shows you how a typical page looks in an album.


Add a Contact page

Click on the new page button in the top menu and choose Contact.htt. As before, navigate to its thumbnail and double click it to open it.


Fill in all the contact information you want to show on this page, just skip the things you don't want to show. As an example, you can specify email and postal addresses, telephone number and a map location to be shown. This can be read from a photo with GPS data or you can copy and paste the location coordinates from Google Maps, for example. In addition there are various entries for social media sites, should you use them.

To preview your new page you need to press Make album and then open the contact page in the preview.