Add images or edit an existing project

Want to add pictures or make changes to an existing project? Read on.

1. Open an existing project

Open an existing project in jAlbum

Start the jAlbum application and select a project in the recent projects list to the left. The images will now appear in the white area in the jAlbum application.

2. Make changes

Editing the album in Explore mode

Make any changes you'd like. Here are some examples:


  • Add images by either drag and drop onto the application or by using the "Add" button when you are in Explore mode.
  • Change the thumb to represent your project/album by right-clicking an image thumb and choose "Use as album thumbnail".
  • Change the order of pictures by dragging and dropping them into place.
  • Add comments to pictures by first making sure you are in Explore mode and then select Comment in the upper right corner and then enter it below the image.

Editing the image in Edit mode
  • Edit an image by double-clicking a thumb to open Edit view or hover the thumbnail and select Edit from the 'more' menu. Edit the image by using the tools in the menu above the image and in the menu to the right. In the menu above you have image editing tools and to the right you are able to edit the image properties.

3. Make Album and publish the updated album

The album is uploading to

After you have made some changes to a project you need to press Make Album so that the changes are applied to the album. Click the "Make album" button and when the album is built you can take a look at it in the preview to see that everything looks fine. When you are satisfied with the look of the album, just click the "Publish" button to upload the updated album. The jAlbum application will only upload the changes to your album!

4. You're done! What's next?


When the album has been uploaded it's time to spread the word about your new work. Go to the Share tab and share the album on and other social networks that you like.