Ce skin n'a pas été actualisé depuis plus de deux ans, et peut ne pas fonctionner avec la version actuelle de jAlbum.

Solene Solene
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Skin: Sol�ne 01-21-2004

- This skin is intended to be used for photoalbum School/Groups pictures but it can be used for anything that is of the type: "where is x" or "x is where" in this picture.

- The skin will display a persons name from a [persons_information_table] when you click on his/here face.
- An other option is to click on a persons_name in the [persons_information_table] and if this person has an associated areamap, a box with the name will appear near the object (head).

- The uploaded version is the 'design' part with which you can build the actual area map after you have created the [persons_information_table].

- The example has a partially mapped table for which you can assign map areas.

- The mapped data can not be saved yet.

Just unpack and launch: slides\solene.html

Note: its a 'standalone' application and is not yet integrated with jAlbum.

Pierre van der Schot.

3 mars 2004
Dernière mise à jour
3 mars 2004

Historique des versions

0.1 3 mars 2004 (Actuelle)

Initial version

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