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This is a small HTML5 compliant skin which gives maximum attention to your photos, because it will fill your screen with your photo, by adapting the image size to the screen size of your tablet or computer.
The focus is not lead away by other small pictures or text.

This skin is the successor of the 'Improved Slide Show 3' skin. In this version there are no separate slide pages, the slide page html code in now also in the index html file. This makes the space required for the album smaller, but more important because there are no page changes, it removes the flashes you see sometimes in the slide show on a Windows PC with IE or Chrome.

Navigation and control is possible via the keyboard on a PC and via one finger swipes on the iPhone or iPad and other touch screen devices. If a viewer prefers that type of interface, he/she can hide all buttons on the screen to get even more emphasis on the photo.

This skin has extended possibilities for the display of (360panorama pictures and GPS locations in Google Maps.

This skin is adapted for the iPhone / iPad and other mobile devices: large buttons for the navigation and background music via html5 instead of a flash player. So if your album is hosted on the jAlbum server, do not forget to check the check-mark 'Disable the automatic mobile version for this album' after the upload of your album.

The skin has a responsive layout of the thumbnails gallery: you can choose for an elastic table where the thumbnails grow or change if the window size changes or you can choose to reduce the number of thumbnails per row if the window width is reduced or make an elegant image gallery with the Justified Gallery plugin

You can choose for fixed shape thumbnails or for thumbnails with the full aspect ratio (no part of the picture cropped, but showing everything).

An album may contain a mix of photos and movies. A movie is automatically started, except on mobile devices which do not allow an automatic start. If the movie is finished, the slide show continues automatically. For thumbnails of movies on the index page a special border color may be selected.

This skin allows you to use one central resources folder for all your albums.

Slide changes can be done with one of 6 transition effects (select-able by the viewer) or all in a random way.

Several settings can be changed by the viewer like the button size and the font size, which is is useful for small devices like an iPhone and in case you have troubles reading small letters.

You can display the slide show embedded in your web page with an iframe and you can start the slide show from a link on your web page without displaying the index page with thumb-nails.

You can choose for fixed shape thumbnails or for thumbnails with the full aspect ratio (no part of the picture cropped, but showing everything).

You can use plain text or html code both in the album description and in the slide descriptions.

Via 7 optional links on the index page, displayed as standard text buttons, as icon buttons, in a tool-bar or in the menu-bar at the top of the index page, you can add links to other albums or web-pages in a new window or in the same window. You can also display a web-page in a frame on the index page.

Optional Google Maps location, Download image, Show EXIF data, Facebook or email 'Share' button on the index page and for each slide.

Help text in the language of the viewer and the comments in the albums can be translated to every language with the Google translation plug-in..

Use my program MakeMap to display the photos in a Google Maps or Google Earth map with links to the slide pages.

If the album contains wide (panorama-) pictures, an expand icon is added above the image on the slide page, if check-mark 'Spherical Panoramic image' or 'Cylindrical Panoramic image'in the Panoramic image panel for an image has been set. For a 360° cylindrical panorama, you should set also set check-mark '360° panorama', in that case you can endless scroll through the panorama. If you set the 'Spherical Panoramic image' check-mark, the panorama can be viewed in Jérémys Photo Sphere Viewer.

It is also possible to view your panoramic pictures on external pages like the 360Cities.net site or with Google Street View.

jAlbums 14 web-locations are supported:
You can make a top album of albums or display the web-location in the slide page as an image with a link to open the website in a new tab or you can display the website instead of a slide image. Via extra buttons you can navigate to other parts of the album. You can use this mode to display YouTube videos and/or external panorama pages in-line in the album.

With jAlbum 15 it is now also possible to define a theme image by dragging an image to the Theme Image box in the new Folder panel. This theme image can be used as background image or as a normal (responsive-) image, defined on the Theme image tab

For a full description of this skin and for more info of my programs MakeMap and EditPhotoInfo click on the HOMEPAGE link below.

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22 nov. 2012
Dernière mise à jour
7 déc. 2017
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L'utilisation commerciale n'est autorisée que si vous payez une licence 3ème partie.
Les modifications du skin sont autorisées.

Historique des versions

4.2.3 7 déc. 2017 (Actuelle)

If a folder contains another folder and not all images are before this folder in the jAlbum Explorer, you get an error message. The folder name is now showed in this message and also logged in the System console window.

If the Profile image on the Index page / Footer tab ends with ".", the next file extensions are checked: first "png", next "gif" and finally "jpg".

Non-used theme image files generated via the folder panel are now automatically removed.

The Facebook share function for the thumbnails page was no longer correctly working. This is repaired now with new code using Open Graph Markup for sharing. If a theme image is used the theme image will also be shown on the Facebook page, else the slide corresponding with the thumbnail showed on the Folder panel will be used. Option 'Use secure links' should be set if your album is uploaded to a secure site (starting with 'https:') like the jalbum.net server.

The F key opens now on a PC the Facebook share dialog, if the index page is shown and also if a slide is shown.

The mouse cursor hint of a theme image used as foreground image on a PC shows now the album title if the album title is in the image or if the title is hidden. So without title or if the color combinations makes it difficult to read the album title you can always read it via the mouse cursor hint.

Clicking in the Theme image used as background image, toggles now also the top buttons, if these are not fixed.

The panorama expansion buttons are now hidden if all next options are set: 'Start slide show automatically', 'Disable viewer settings' and 'Hide slide buttons: yes'. This is done to hide these buttons in embedded slide shows.

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james israel

james israel il y a 5 mois

Is it possible to transfer the sharing component of your skin only to a regular Photoswipe setup? The sharing setup in photoswipe-ui-default.js is no longer working very well.


AndreWolff il y a 5 mois

@jamminjames Yes, you can copy function OpenShareDialog to PhotoSwipe-ui-default.js and then it should work, but of you have a JAlbum licence, iT is easier to make your albums with the PhotoSwipe skin!

Alain Moxa

Alain Moxa il y a 11 mois

Hi ! I Have V12.7, it's ok for your skin ? Best regards Alain (France - Bordeaux)


AndreWolff il y a 11 mois

Yes, that is OK.

Stefan Burkhardt

Stefan Burkhardt il y a 2 ans

Hi Andre, what happened to the "Home" button? Since the last version it is no longer visible, although I have entered the URL (as always before). To make it visible, it needs to browse to the page (using the button next to the URL field). This operation does not change the content in the URL field, however, the button now appears! Since I'm editing the albums on one PC and copying them to another, this seems to be a bug... Greetings Stefan


AndreWolff il y a 2 ans

Dear Stephan, I did check the Home link button and noticed that it is working as expected. Before the Slide Show 4 skin creates the link, it checks whether the link item exists on the PC and if it does not exists, no home button is created. If you select a relative URL by selecting a html file via the select button, the item exists by definition. However if you enter an absolute URL, by entering a string in the URL field it will also check whether the link exists except if the string starts with http://. So if I enter in the URL field www.andrewolff.nl, it sees that www.andrewolff.nl does not exists on the PC and it will not show the Home button. But if I enter http://www.andrewolff.nl it will not do the check and the button is visible. Please use the jAlbum forum next time for bug reports, feature requests or other remarks. Regards, André Wolff

Tony Henrich

Tony Henrich il y a un an

I don't have a link. I haven't placed a video file and I don't know if there's special processing needs to be done on the web server side plus if your viewer can display them. I think YouTube processes the file before it's able to display them as 360.

Tony Henrich

Tony Henrich il y a un an

Can this skin show 360 videos? This is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNOT_feL27Y


AndreWolff il y a un an

Yes of course, there is no difference with a 'normal' YouTube video. I added your example to my album: http://andrewolff.jalbum.net/Pan-360-inline/

Tony Henrich

Tony Henrich il y a un an

I meant to show 360 videos without YouTube.. Displaying them straight from my web server.


AndreWolff il y a un an

You said: "Displaying them straight from my web server.", so please do give a link to such a video!

Tony Henrich

Tony Henrich il y a un an

I used photos from my 360 camera and they displayed as regular photos (distorted). So I guess I have to use Panorama Studio 3 to create these images because you're using their viewer? My camera produces ready made spherical 360 images and it seems they are not compatible with the viewer. I will try something.


AndreWolff il y a un an

It is possible to import stitched images in Panorama Studio 3, that is what I did in my 360 inline demo album: http://andrewolff.jalbum.net/Pan-360-inline/