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adrian schüpbach adrian schüpbach
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Create your own Website !

One album = One website

* Automated menu (about 3 folder levels)
* Adaptable contact-form (In the settings)
* Provide hyperlinks to other websites

* JQery gallery ( unobtrusive java )
* Slideshow with HighSlide JS ( Optional )
* Watermark
* Zoom (Tumbnails)
* New images highlight
* Simply insert Banner
* RSS feed of complete album
synchronized with wordpress ( FeedWordPress + jquery-lightbox )

* The HTML and CSS codes are valid W3C
* Languages: en, de, fr, nl
* Many different styles for professional websites (siteli shop)


Use sub-folders to organize your content. The folders are displayed on the website as a side menu. Consider any subfolders such as a page. A page may contain images or text only. Larger text you write better in a text program and then move into the comment field of the folder in jalbum ( copy and paste ). Note the settings !

The HighSlide JS effect is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. Licensing is free for non-commercial use, but a license must be purchased for commercial use at

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3 avr. 2008
Dernière mise à jour
9 avr. 2013
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Historique des versions

3.2.0 9 avr. 2013 (Actuelle)

- video support
- small errors corrected

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NetNut404 il y a 4 ans

is there a FAQ or something on this skin? I am trying to use the rss feed option on some very large albums and did not see an rss option get built when building the album after rss is checked. Pointers would be appreciated. Thanks,


NetNut404 il y a 4 ans

the 3.2.0 listed does not download.. all I can get is 3.1.1


Helwin il y a 9 ans

So great, the best of all - thanks!


webviet il y a 11 ans

Thanks !

adrian schüpbach

adrian schüpbach il y a 11 ans

The objectives of "Siteli One" are: - Quickly and easily create a website (for beginners) - The site should work everywhere (without plugins ...) - Fits on the laptop screen (optimized 1024 px) "Siteli One" thus has all the basic functions of a website (my opinion). Everything about these basic functions also, I initially omitted. I am not a Purrist! I like the skins "lightflow" and "tiltviewer" very. I only have other priorities. Besides, I am not a programmer. My options are limited. I am a designer and I concentrate on the things that I mastered. At a collaboration am always interested. The same applies, of course, to the topic languages. Unfortunately, I only speak German. Everything else, I must painstakingly tinker together.