Ce skin n'a pas été actualisé depuis plus de deux ans, et peut ne pas fonctionner avec la version actuelle de jAlbum.

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Create fully 3D albums in Shockwave(TM) format! The exceptional usability of this format is due to its ultimate mobility, wide popularity and high-quality 3D space visualization.
This 3D skin includes two exclusive styles:
* Book. Turn the pages of an old book to watch your favorite photos.
* Manuscript. View your photos in an animated ancient manuscript.

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8 oct. 2008
Dernière mise à jour
24 oct. 2008
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Historique des versions

1.0.3 24 oct. 2008 (Actuelle)

The new style "Magazine" is added. See your photos featured on the glossy pages of a glamour magazine.

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fluorit il y a 7 ans

I always use the same Chameleon skin for this is the only one where you can input your signature or logo or other things. Can you improve this skin ?


slowly il y a 10 ans

This is very nice, but it is of no use if we, the users, do not have control over the text. At this stage, and I have been using your products for a long time and I think that they are great (wonderful), I think that all your products are not finished. They show so much hope but then they lack some very basic elements. You need to stop and complete even one (1) of these great products. Let me explain: The "Glamour Magazine" it looks very nice but who can seriously use it when the text does not relate to the photos. The 3D Gallery; for years we have been asking for some basic features, like sound, gallery name, port to DVD, to name a few but nothing has happened. Presently you have improved the web interface but when you launch it on your site there is no way to get back to any page on the site. Your software is wonderful and you guys have great skills and the products are free, but they are all unfinished. Please complete even one of these products so that we can use it with confidence and not have to explain why such a beautiful product falls down by the way side. I have been writing about these things for too long now, but you just create something new (very nice always), but still incomplete.


VicMan-Software il y a 10 ans

no, aleko, you can't change the text because it's a part of texture


aleko il y a 10 ans

how it is possible to change the text in the 3d skin magazine ?


natali-ya il y a 10 ans

Check out new glamour "Magazine" style for those who like to be famous!