Ce skin n'a pas été actualisé depuis plus de deux ans, et peut ne pas fonctionner avec la version actuelle de jAlbum.


Ce skin utilise Adobe Flash, qui est une technologie en déclin. Nous déconseillons son utilisation pour les nouveaux projets d'album.

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Vous pouvez également installer le skin en décompressant ce fichier dans le dossier skin.


This skin presents your pictures as a virtual photo book. It adds a wrapper around the limited freeware version of the flash software at


- Integrates the Flash PageFlip software into JAlbum.
- Optionally supports a directory tree.
- Optionally supports parent linking.
- Optionally supports help menu.
- All text have been localized and stored in the "texts" directory.
- experimental: add iTunes and Media Server support (see NOTES.media_server for more info)

Some caveats:
- Make sure the image aspect ratio is consistent among images in the same folder. Otherwise you will see some extra spaces in your album.
- It does support swf's for each page, although this has not been tested.
- Text can be added by using a text filter:
class=TextFilter valign=bottom align=left color=white text=$comment

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30 juin 2008
Dernière mise à jour
26 janv. 2012
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Historique des versions

2.1.1 26 janv. 2012 (Actuelle)

Support Chrome

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Norbert Jung

Norbert Jung il y a 5 ans

Hi, it à great job you did. One question: Is it possible to make the shadow in the middle of the page less visible? Thanks for responding, Best Regards, Norbert


fashionmodel il y a 6 ans

no funciona con el nuevo chrome de google

daniel laberge

daniel laberge il y a 7 ans

how can i remove the " " link and the spammind add in the right lower corner? I bought the liscence to remove those but I can't!!!

Eric Ehrhardt

Eric Ehrhardt il y a 6 ans

You will need to purchase the XML version from .... the paid versions do not have any labels or ads, so if as you say you have proof of purchase, I think it unlikely that this is the skin you purchased. Refer to your transaction documentation to identify the author/seller of the skin and source Support directly from them.


tonyheideman il y a 7 ans

I've use aximg to create my page flipping wedding Album,You can see my album online aximg can convert your photos to page flip flash,then you can embed the flip flash album in your website. More information view website

David MacHale

David MacHale il y a 8 ans

Is it possible to format portrait images to middle of page?