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Most of the jAlbum skins are intended to show photograph albums. However, I needed to show an artist's portfolio, and the requirements are a bit different. Although Mirage was initially intended to display art, it also works very well for photo albums, as long as you don't want to show photo meta-data (e.g. aperture, focal length).

1) Why use the Mirage skin?
- If you want to create an art gallery, I think this is the best available skin.
- Mirage and its 3rd party plug-ins are completely free for personal and commercial use.
- Albums are compliant with HTML5.
- The "variants" feature allows a slide page to contain thumbnails of related images, videos and web pages. This provides a more focussed view than an index page.
- The "superimposed" feature allows you to combine a main image and a secondary image on the same slide page. This can provide extra impact.
- Albums can be viewed in Windows, Linux, Mac, BlackBerry, Android, iPad and iPhone.
- If you want to include videos in your album, your choice of skins is limited. Mirage supports the major video formats, and handles cross-browser inconsistencies.
- With any skin, it is possible to combine multiple albums into a master album, but this is complicated. Mirage simplifies this task by allowing a project to contain Windows shortcuts or Internet shortcuts; this lets you easily copy and paste links to your albums (or portions of albums). Each linked album can be created with any skin.
- An album can contain thumbnail links to web pages. This allows you to include external content that complements your photo collection.
- The number of index page columns can be automatically adjusted, so that the thumbnails fit the width of any browser window.
- Flash-free presentation displays images without distractions, and ensures compatibility with devices that don't support Flash.

2) Other features:
- An album can contain:
-> Images (JPG, GIF, PNG). Images can be zoomed.
-> Videos: Any video that is compatible with jAlbum Video Support is converted to MP4.
-> Alternatively, Mirage Video Support plays supported videos in their original format (MPG, AVI, MOV, MP4, WEBM, OGV, WMV, DivX, Xvid, FLV, SWF, 3GP, YouTube, Vimeo).
-> PDF files.
-> Links to other albums or web pages.
- Video and PDF files are usually embedded, so that they blend with the album's overall appearance.
- A streamed YouTube or Vimeo video can easily be added to an album by a click and drag.
- 44 styles are included.
- Albums display correctly in all the major web browsers.
- Index pages:
-> Each folder is shown as a "folder icon" that contains an embedded thumbnail of any image.
-> A "For Sale" or "Sold" label is superimposed on the thumbnails of paintings that are for sale.
-> A "New" label is superimposed on the thumbnails of new album objects.

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5 avr. 2006
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2 juil. 2017
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L'utilisation commerciale est autorisée.
Les modifications du skin sont autorisées.

Historique des versions

9.0.0 2 juil. 2017 (Actuelle)

- You do not need to provide the thumbnail and dimensions for a YouTube or Vimeo video. These are determined automatically.
- The thumbnail for a linked web page is usually determined automatically.
- YouTube and Vimeo videos are larger. Previously their dimensions were the same as the embedded video dimensions on the YouTube or Vimeo web page. Now their dimensions are determined by the "image bounds" album setting.
- A linked web page is embedded in a slide page, instead of opening in a separate web browser tab. This allows you to stay in the album while you view an external web page. You can override this behaviour and open the web page in a separate tab.
- The jAlbum 14 "Web Location" feature is supported. This provides a simpler technique for adding YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, linked albums and web pages to an album. Web Locations behave in almost the same way as shortcuts, which Mirage already supports.

- Panoramic thumbnails had a wrong width.

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Chris Twist

Chris Twist il y a 4 ans

I haven't used Mirage on a Mac, but I have had feedback from a few people who say it works fine. If you are looking for help, this is the wrong place. Hardly anybody looks here; you should post your questions in the forums. Installation of a .jaskin file is not a Mirage feature, it is a jAlbum feature; every skin is installed this way. To get help post a message in the General Discussion forum. To get an immediate solution, search the forums for "jaskin mac"; you will find many references. I am not available to develop your site; I already have a job. However, follow the documentation in Mirage.pdf, and if you have any questions, post them in the Mirage forum.


jimbo5451 il y a 4 ans

Am using Mac OS 10.6.8 and am having a bit of problem - error message relating to "mirage.jaskin" application cannot open. Have read most of comments relating to issues with Mac OS and am developing opinion that this skin isn't designed with Mac in mind. If so, please let us know so we won't waste our time. Or...if you know how to design a portfolio with Mirage using Mac OS - perhaps I could hire you to develop my website. Am running out of time and don't want to buy a PC to run this skin. Thanks!


DietmarEhrlicher il y a 6 ans

I'm really happy with jAlbum and the skin Mirage. Very quick creation and updating of my website (www.ehrlicher.de). Thanks.

Chris Twist

Chris Twist il y a 7 ans

The jAlbum installer is failing. To get help, post a message in the "General discussion" forum. Mirage should work on a Mac (although I don't have access to a Mac, so I can't test it). If you have any problems, post a message in the Mirage forum.


safstromnh il y a 7 ans

I used Mirage skin when I had an IBM computer and found the skin excellent for presenting artwork for an exhibition - with its ability to display different folder topics . Can I use Mirage skin with a mac? Now when I try to upload Mirage (which has been downloaded - this is the error message which comes up. Safari can’t open the file “Mirage.jaskin” because no available application can open it. help!! Heather