Ce skin n'a pas été actualisé depuis plus de deux ans, et peut ne pas fonctionner avec la version actuelle de jAlbum.

Laca Molnar Laca Molnar
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Simple HTML5 / CSS3 skin, based on HTML5 Boilerplate, using modernizr.js for old IE's. W3C validation passed.

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14 sept. 2012
Dernière mise à jour
21 août 2013
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L'utilisation commerciale est autorisée.
Les modifications du skin sont autorisées.

Historique des versions

1.2.0 21 août 2013 (Actuelle)

New features:
- Added Audio and Video support using jQuery jPlayer by
- Added custom page templates: About, Contact, Sitemap
- Added tooltips to controls and thumbnails
- Option to display captions as "tooltips" or "below" the thumbs

- HTML in comments
- link to originals on thumbnails has been removed

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inspiredmac il y a 5 ans

Yes, I don't think the problem is your skin. I've downloaded jAlbum 3 times after paying for the upgrade and each time I get a message telling me the program is damaged. Waiting on a response from the jAlbum team. Thanks, Laca


inspiredmac il y a 5 ans

When I double-click on the High Five skin, I get an error message telling me that jAlbum is damaged.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar il y a 5 ans

You might need to reinstall jAlbum then.


Aadamsbaum il y a 6 ans

Thank you. I use this skin in a very simple way to show my pictures of Walls and Panels. Works fine


freedt il y a 6 ans

looks nice, will give it a try. i like it, because it is simple. the focus always has to be - and is - on the pics!


kr00nbrt il y a 6 ans

kr00nbrt Is it possible to resize the image to fullscreen and use full resolution? That would realy be great. Up till now all the skins I have seen do not match up to picasa. That is a pity

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar il y a 6 ans

You can use full resolution by selecting "Link to originals" in Settings / Images, though it's not the best choice for the web. Or you can use "Link to originals via the scaled images". Full screen can be achieved by pressing F11 in any browser. High Five is a barebones skin, that is the advanced features are supposed to be added by the users. From one tenth of the resources (money) Picasa has, we could make ten times better albums :). We'd better not compete in uniform and boring albums, as that field is crowded. We specialize in high customization and myriads of album layouts.