Ce skin n'a pas été actualisé depuis plus de deux ans, et peut ne pas fonctionner avec la version actuelle de jAlbum.

Dhinakaran Annamalai Dhinakaran Annamalai
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FotoSlides is a highly customizable HTML5 based photo gallery software designed to publish your photos & videos online with a smooth and rich presentation. Not just the album but you can also build a complete site using the predefined themes compatible for desktop, tablets and smartphones. Customize the FotoSlides skin features and build the album using jAlbum (a great photo album generator). Skin will create the required files for the web album presentation. All you need is to just upload the generated album contents to the web. It's that simple!

FotoSlides is designed to be flexible for amateurs to make a simple album to share with friends & families as well as for pro photographers to create a complete portfolio websites and protected client proof albums. More advanced features planned for the future.

Check for more details.

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20 févr. 2012
Dernière mise à jour
5 oct. 2014
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Vous devez verser une rémunération à l'auteur du thème pour vous débarrasser de l'écran de rappel. En savoir plus sur la page d'accueil des thèmes .

Historique des versions

1.0.8 5 oct. 2014 (Actuelle)

Fixed jAlbum 12.2 compatibility issue (that was causing error when loading the skin).

If you don't want to re-install the skin (that overwrites any files customized) then replace only the onload.bsh file with the version posted by jGromit in Thanks to monkeyboy.

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leonidas1 il y a 3 ans

Great skin. I wonder how to integrate it with drupal to use it as a views imagegallery.

Mike Eilbeck

Mike Eilbeck il y a 4 ans

On creating a new jAlbum site I looked through a lot of skins. I thought this one would be the best for my needs and that decision is looking good so far. There was an issue with it but Dhina sorted it out within a day and its now working perfectly. I would recommend both this skin and the after sales service!


Bingloverld il y a 4 ans

Hi this the best skin that I saw. Can you do slide show not in "Full Screen" example: and password protection to whole website ? How can I pay you and how much to remove license info? My E-Mail: Thank you!

Matti Kallio

Matti Kallio il y a 4 ans

hi it does not work any more in Jalbum, whats wrong!!!!!


jGromit il y a 4 ans

Visit the Fotoslides section of the forums. Solution posted there.

Rodolord madenansil

Rodolord madenansil il y a 5 ans

Nice stile