Online jAlbum is now 100% Flash free!

In the shadow of our big desktop client is our less known (and used) online jAlbum, which is a web based and simplified version of jAlbum that our Premium and Power storage customers can use. It's great when you want to create an album and don't have access to your main computer.

It has been using the now deprecated Adobe Flash player for both creating and for some skins when viewing the albums. That has now changed so the online jAlbum is now 100% Flash free! Instead of the Flash uploader there is a modern, easy to use, drag and drop JavaScript uploader. If you upload very large photos the uploader will shrink the photos before uploading them, so the upload process is always quick. And the Flash based skins have been replaced with our most popular skin "Tiger" and our newest skin "Lucid".

If you have created albums with skins that require Flash (EyeSocket, Lumen, Mr.Burns, PhotoStack or PostcardViewer) we recommend that you rebuild those albums with one of the current skins in online jAlbum, to make them work with all web browsers.

Tiger is now also the default skin instead of Turtle, so all new albums will be made with Tiger unless you switch to another skin. And since our iOS- and Android apps are using the online jAlbum engine this also means that all albums made using those apps will be made using Tiger.

In online jAbum there were also an image editor made by Pixlr. That one also used Flash and has stopped working, so we have disabled that editor. Pixlr is working on a new non-Flash based editor and as soon as that one is ready for integration into other web sites we will of course add that one to online jAlbum.

Want to try the improved online jAlbum? Just go to!

If you need help activating a storage trial, please contact us!

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Ramona Hapke

Ramona Hapke il y a 2 ans

Gerat: free from flash!

Anders Callertun

Anders Callertun il y a 2 ans

No, Tiger has never used Flash. It's always been Flash-free. None of the bundled skins in the jAlbum client uses Flash and we have removed most of the skins from the skin repository that uses Flash, so you can't download a Flash skin.


tomgle103 il y a 2 ans

The way I understand this is that only the online version is Flash free. Those of us who have used the desktop version with the Tiger skin for use in various website are still using Flash?