New muscles under the hood for jAlbum 18.4

The recently released jAlbum 18.4 sports a completely rewritten web server under the hood (Jetty 9). Historically this web server has only been used to share galleries straight from your computer (See Tools->Share), something only a few users use, but it now also serves previews to both jAlbum's embedded web browser and any external web browser you may prefer.

Why this change? Well, in recent years, browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari and now Firefox have received security constraints limiting viewing local content straight from disk. This has prevented previews from working for some of our popular skins, like Tiger and PhotoBlogger, but this is now a problem of the past. Get jAlbum 18.4 today!

(You can control whether to serve previews via the local web server or not under Preferences)

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