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Show ALL supported file types
Posted: 12 Mar 23, 22:02
The built in tool, 'Show supported file types', lists just the image file types that are supported. If you want to see all supported file types, including user additions, use this tool.

This tool, unless renamed, replaces the bundled tool of the same name. When run it will show all the file extensions that are supported. It also prints the results to the System console, should you want to copy and paste the list somewhere.

User additions to the supported files types are added to a file and stored in the user's config directory, under 'system' directory'. See the wiki entry under extensions, enhancements and defaults - system

Edited by: RobM on 20 Mar 2023, 21:55
Now lists all supported file types only in the system console. The list is now a single column sorted alphabetically A-Z. To quickly see if an entry exists use the 'Find' function - click in the lower half of the window and press CMD/CTRL + F.
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