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Avoiding Google fonts
Posted: 24 Aug 22, 22:14
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As Laza has described in a recent blog post, the EU, or at least parts of it, have gone completely 'round the bend on the GDPR nonsense, and have decided that if a site uses Google fonts, it's "revealing" the visitor's IP address. These are people who must have a very strange idea about how the internet works.

Laza's blog entry, and my comment on it, describe how to stay out of trouble. Pending some other solutions, or a miraculous restoration of clear thinking to the German judiciary, there is one workaround, if the skin you're using supports it.

All the best skins (i.e., mine ;) ), allow to you specify a WOFF file to use for fonts. Unlike a Google font, a WOFF file is something you have downloaded, and that gets bundled into the album you create. So, there is no "phone call to Google" when the album is viewed - all of the resources for the display of the album are coming from your site.

So, does Google let you download a WOFF file version of one of their fonts? Not directly - you can download a font, but the files are all in TTF format, which you would then have to get converted on some other site. But there's a well-known site that will take care of it for you in one shot:

Select the Google font on the left, download it, unzip it, and extract the file with a .woff2 extension (more compact than .woff, but otherwise the same). Then tell the skin to use that font for whatever you like - titles, comments, etc. In most of my skins, you add the file at Fonts > Album > WOFF File, then on the other Fonts tabs, select the elements that should use that font.

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