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Recommended skin?
Posted: 12-Jan-2021 16:59
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I've been using jAlbum for a number of years and most often use the Turtle skin. But lately I've been wanting to do something that Turtle doesn't really accommodate, and I haven't found another one that does. Specifically, I would like to be able to post images and along with that image a narrative. The "title" feature in Turtle works fine as a caption but doesn't really provide either the room or equal treatment with the image that I'm looking for. What I want is to display an image and alongside of that image a scrolling text box that would allow me to write something about the image, a story if you like.

So far, I haven't found a skin that will do what I want, but I may have missed something since I'm sure that not all of the features of any given skin are illustrated in the examples on the jAlbum website.

I should add that all of my albums are posted to my own servers so the extended features available by posting to jAlbum's site are not available, or at least may not be available depending.

Any advice from the community appreciated. Of course, if Turtle's author would like to incorporate my desires as a new feature I would be delighted!

Larry Luckham

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Re: Recommended skin?
Posted: 12-Jan-2021 17:04   in response to: larryluckham in response to: larryluckham
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Are you looking for something like this album made with the FancyBox skin?

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Re: Recommended skin?
Posted: 12-Jan-2021 17:05   in response to: larryluckham in response to: larryluckham
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Maybe Journal?

It's an unusual feature these days, because skins go to great lengths to be responsive, on everything from big desktop monitors down to phones, and handling large blocks of text is a nightmare when you're trying to do that.
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