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Lucid 2.x
Posted: 11 Dec 20, 15:04
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A new update to Lucid skin! I love the skin, most of my albums are now using this skin.

Not all is well for me with version 2.x:

  • the counts beneath the folder thumbs is back, the custom CSS
#folders .folders .card .caption .counts {display: none;}
does not work. I checked with "Inspect" but did not see how to suppress.

  • the album (autoplay) can not be stopped, it continues to move to the next image?

  • especially irritating when you select thumbnails and see them being removed when the next image scrolls in. Should autoplay not stop when you select thumbnails?

  • folder view looks different. The title etc. is on the left, used to be centered above the thumbnail. Ok, The new look is more in style with the other slide pages, but with a few folders the page looks .. empty. Can we get the title centered again?

  • the thumbnails buttons are now centered on the page, used to be closer to the top. Please move the thumbnails up like the old did See screenshots: old as it used to be, and new as it is now.

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Re: Lucid 2.x
Posted: 14 Dec 20, 08:32   in response to: hanso in response to: hanso
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Thanks for the feedback.

  • Simply use .folders .card .caption .counts {display: none;}
  • The autoplay (slideshow) behavior hasn't been changed. Once the transition started it will advance to the next picture. This can be irritating when the slideshow delay is small or 0 - so no timeframe left to stop the show. Perhaps I should have added some turn back mechanism, but that seems very complicated, just like travel back in time.
  • I don't see what you mean by "when you select thumbnails". You can click on a thumbnail in thumbnails panel, but it works as expected in my opinion. Does the same happen in this sample album? Do you mean clicking a thumbnail should stop the slideshow?
  • The title was only centred if there were no other functions (e.g. full screen), but I didn't like the alignment has changed between pages. Now this is consistent.
  • The content in version 2 is vertically centred. I believe this looks better with a full frame skin. If you like the top aligned layout better use this code: .main-cont .folders { align-content: flex-start; }

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Re: Lucid 2.x
Posted: 14 Dec 20, 09:46   in response to: Laza in response to: Laza
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Thanks for the CSS , that is quite helpful. Aligning to the left is indeed more in line with the other pages. I will test it with my albums, two Issues solved!

And yes, the thumbnail issue is also in your sample albums.

When a slideshow is playing, selecting the thumbnail overlay by clicking the thumbnail icon should stop advancing and with that advance remove the thumbnail bar. It does function perfect in the old version, it stops teh slideshow.

Now it is nearly impossible to to watch the thumbnails and select a picture, it just wipes it all away at the next slideshow advance. Stopping the slideshow before selecting thumbnals ofcourse helps.


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