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JeffTucker skin info text converter
Posted: 26-May-2020 15:02
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In the latest releases of my skins (the May 26, 2020 versions of all of the "planets"), I have changed the method for placing text above and below the thumbnail table. The album-level setting is still there, on the Code tab, and that still works as before. But if you wanted to use different text for various folders, the skins looked for a topinfo.txt or bottominfo.txt file sitting in the folder. These had to be created outside of jAlbum, and moved into the project manually.

This use of external files has now been replaced by a more robust method, using the regular user interface. Hover on a folder thumbnail, choose More... and Edit. Then open the skin panel on the right and click the Folder Info Text button. The window that opens will tell you which folder you're editing in the title bar of the window.

If you weren't using these external files, you can stop reading this thread now. You don't need to do anything.

If you were using these external files, your projects will need a one-time conversion. I've written a little tool for doing the conversion, attached to this post. To use it:

  • First, make sure you have backup copies of your projects. This tool deletes the existing topinfo.txt and bottominfo.txt files, so if something goes wrong, you will want to have backup copies.
  • Make sure you've installed the latest version of the skin you're using, so the new routine will work properly.
  • Launch jAlbum and choose Tools, Open directories, Config directory.
  • Close jAlbum.
  • Copy the attached file to the tools directory. If there isn't a tools directory, create it.
  • Launch jAlbum.
  • Open the project you want to convert.
  • Choose Tools, External Tools, Convert info text files and click OK.
  • Close the project. The newly-imported text won't appear until you open the project again.

This tool will crash if you don't have a project open when you invoke it, and it can't be used with any other skin. The tool doesn't do any error-checking for this.

Posts: 7,525
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Re: JeffTucker skin info text converter
Posted: 26-May-2020 15:29   in response to: JeffTucker in response to: JeffTucker
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This tool can be used with the following skin versions (and higher):

  • Jupiter 18
  • Mars 16
  • Mercury 29
  • Neptune 36
  • Pluto 28
  • Saturn 40

It's not applicable to Comet or Venus, which don't support top- and bottom-info-text. It's not applicable to Atom, which doesn't support top- and bottom-info-text that's different for folders.
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