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New version 3.6.5 of the FancyBox skin
Posted: 11 Jun 18, 19:50
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The FancyBox skin uses as an option the Justified Gallery library or Masonry library to create a thumbnail table and the fancyBox library for the Light-box. Go to the Sample album page to see example albums made with this skin.

Changes in this new version:

  • New check-box on the Index page / Folders tab: 'Show comment as hint'.
  • Gallery type Justified Gallery uses now the same values for the Thumbnails border width, border color, space to border and radius as the other two gallery types. See this sample album.
  • Justified Gallery thumbnail caption shifted in case borders are used.
  • Masonry Gallery code improved, relative size is no longer supported and if 'Desired # Masonry gallery columns' is 0, the number of columns is automatically adapted for the used device., see this sample album. Both the horizontal and vertical gap between the boxes in a Masonry gallery is determined by the 'Thumbnails horizon margins', so you can make the 'Thumbnails horizon margins' 0, unless you like a larger vertical gap between the boxes. More information in the User manual.

Changes in earlier versions:
  • Check mark 'Disable viewer settings' and the 'screen height' field on the Index page / Folders panel are now again correctly working.
  • In small windows, the contents of the info bar will no longer overlap the tool bar buttons.
  • New field "Left / Right page margins: " which controls the swipe margins.
  • Text shadow for the title in image improved, so the titles are now sharper with shadows, see here for an example.
  • Swipe left / right works now too if the top buttons are never shown.
  • Two new buttons added on the link tab: "Show Help button" and "Show Viewer Settings button", can be used if no top-buttons are used on the index page. See here for an example.
  • A new check mark "Start slide show automatically" allows you to prevent that the slide show is started automatically if check mark 'Open first slide automatically' is set.

  • SrcSets have now been implemented, requires jAlbum 24. It defines multiple sizes of the same image, allowing the browser to select the appropriate image source for the used device. In this test album you see in the middle of the image which of these images is used on your device. Fall-back ofo unsupported WebP made via modernizr, code only added if required. The default jAlbum Sample album is another example of an album where variants are used.
  • If a theme image filename has been given, but this file does not exists, a warning is given in the console window.
  • User variable 'sound' is no longer usable, instead pup an audio control block in the caption.
  • The music was not correctly implemented if check-box "Play this track also in folders except ..." was checked.
  • All files in a sub-folder 'out' will be copied to the corresponding output folder, however you have to exclude all 'out' folders yourself.
  • Bug fix: Download function without originals did propose the wrong file.

  • New '"Native font stack"' font, as used by Bootstrap, added, see
  • Function initExtra, which executes the js-code defined on the 'Web page' tab is moved more to the end $(document).ready(function().
  • Global jAlbum variables like ${currentDate} in user text is converted in the 3 footer fields, in the description and in the html code field, both for the root and the folder albums.
  • The MoreInfo new window for an extended slide caption and the index page infoWindow shows now a Print button if the new check-mark 'Show print button' on the 'Index page / Info Window' tab has been set. See here for an example.
  • The text or html code created on the 'Index page / Footer' tab and in the FancyBox folder panel shows now a Print button if the new check-mark 'Show print button' on the 'Index page / Footer' tab has been set.
  • Folder tiles do get now the title as title and alt attribute.
  • The common settings for the 'Info Window' and 'More info' window are now grouped in a new controls group with the title "Next settings are used both for the 'Info Window' and the 'Slide page - More info' new window".
  • Animated GIFs are now supported, but only if you check check-mark 'Copy originals if needed' on the jAlbum 'Pages' settings tab. See this example.
  • Bug fix: If the title was above the theme image, the title was not centered if the tool-bar buttons were displayed after clicking on the title.
  • The <title> tag of a folder album shows now the title of the folder album instead of the main album title; this improves the search possibilites.
  • javascript variable absolutePath introduced in the top of the <head> section. It gives the URL of the (folder-) album and it can be used in HEAD code block on the 'Web page' tab for instance to switch to low resolution album for smart phones.
  • Javascript variables standardFontFamily and standardFontSize have been added to file slidePar.js in case font information is required in the customization, like the styling of a Google Translate combo box.
  • Two new text boxes on the 'Index page / Folders' tab allows you to add HTML code to be used in the menu bar, for instance to add a search box. See here for an example. These HTML area are labeled: "The code below is inserted before the first item of menu bar on main index page (Only HTML)" and "The code below is appended after the last item of menu bar on main index page (Only HTML)"
  • New check-mark "Insert this code only in the main (top) index page" on the 'Web page' tab, allows you to use the "HEAD"code on the Web page tab also in the folder albums.
  • New text box for js-code on the 'Web page' tab with label "The javascript code below is inserted into method $(document).ready(function()".
  • Above this text box is also a check-mark "Insert this code only in the main (top) index page" allows you to use the js-code also in the folder albums.
  • New text box on the 'Web page' tab to add extra js code modules at the end of the index page. The js-modules are separated by a comma. Load these modules in the res folder in the image directory.
  • If 'Allow swipes' on the 'Index page / General' tab is equal to 'Nowhere on the index page' or 'On the theme image only' or ' Enable vertical swipes on the index page' is cleared, the thumbnails and album description uses the full width of the index pages. This gives a better layout on phones in portrait mode. Masonry column calculation adapted for this change.
  • The extra condition 'if screen height < xxx px' behind 'Allow swipes:' on this tab has been removed.
  • If a Google Translate combo box was used, the template files were not translated. This has been repaired by adding the optional "HEAD" section code and code to the template files.
  • If check-mark 'Show shadows of panels on the index page' has been set, the left and right margins around these panels are enlarged if required to show the full shadow on the right side. See this sample album.
  • In the contact.htt template file all http: strings replaced by https: strings.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
  • Three new browse buttons added to the FancyBox custom panel for folders, see here.
  • The normal menu can now also be aligned Left, Centered and Right, the Menu is no longer limited to 90%.
  • New check-box added to the Music tab: "Show audio player above the thumbnails". If set, it is easier to start/stop music tracks on mobile devices, see here for an example.
  • Solved: The html validator did give warnings if Justitfied-gallery and Masonry was not selected.
  • The system generates now a warning:'You should re-arrange your images and/or videos in folder xxx, so that the folders are located after all normal images and videos in the jAlbum Explorer' if in the Explorer the folders are not at the end of all displayable items.
  • Scrollbar in slide page removed if Chrome is used on a PC.
  • The FancyBox custom panel is extended with two text fields: "Audio file:" and "Audio tooltip:" which allows to define these items per folder. For an example see this album, more details in the manual.
  • New check-mark "Show the audio hint above the audio player" on the Music tab. If set, the audio tool-tip will be displayed above the Audio player. For an example see this album.
  • The default track check-mark text is changed into "Play this track also in folders except if a track is defined in the FancyBox panel for a folder", the function is also changed.
  • The setting of check-mark 'Start the music automatically ...' can no longer be overruled in the Viewer settings window; the question 'Disable music autoplay' has been removed from the Viewer settings window.
  • Audio player code improved for the html validator.
  • Panorama tables were generated if no panorama was used, this has been corrected.
  • Defaults strings 'map.kml', '' and 'MoreInfo.html' removed from the file.

  • The profile image can now be enlarged to the MaxWidth by clicking on the image. See here for an example.
  • An extra padding of 10px added at the bottom of the theme image.
  • Menu limited to 90% so that all items of the most right item are better readable. Seehere for an example.
  • With the Music.htt template file it is now possible to compose a play-list of 3 audio files. See here for an example.
  • Problem solved: if field 'Move title above theme image if view-port width ...' on the Index page / Theme image tab was empty, there was a problem.
  • Text correction in the FancyBox folder panel.

  • We use now a compiled GUI which requires as minimum jAlbum version 20.3
  • It is now also possible to download GPS tracks as GPX-files.
  • The new window check-mark for the download GPS track URL has been removed. Instead of GPS-tracks you can use the 2nd link also to download any file type.
  • In the panoramic image custom panel, renamed to FancyBox panel, the panorama fields are only enabled for an image.
  • If you hover on a folder thumbnail and choose 'More...' and 'Edit' and next open the skin panel on the right you can enter text for in a folder album:
    • The name of the GPS track log file (ZIP- or GPX-extension),
    • an URL for the 'More info' button and text and
    • HTML-code to be inserted after the buttons and before the Profile image.
  • Help page added for the new FancyBox panel.
  • New FancyBox user manual, where information for the Slide Show 4 and PhotoSwipe skins have been removed.
  • If check-mark 'Album of albums' was set and there where not only web-locations in the album the close tags of a thumbnail were sometimes incorrect and panorama images were not correctly displayed.This is partly solved: this is only possible if the web-locations are the last images in the album, all 'normal' images should precede the web-locations. The panorama viewers do not show next and previous image buttons.
  • If 'Link to originals' is used for spherical panoramas, the originals should not be too large, otherwise nothing is displayed (in particular on mobile devices): 9MB was OK, but 20MB was too much. The same limits hold for the images in the slides folder if 'Link to scaled-down images only' has been selected.

  • If a web page, like the About page, is hidden, it is not showed in the menu, but you can still view that page if you implements a link to that web page in the Links tab. This requires jAlbum version 22.2b12 or later version.
  • You can now also select the keywords as hint for the thumbnails.
  • The prefix text for keywords on the slide page can now be adapted by the user.
  • New check-mark "Reverse title color based on Background color" on the Index page / Theme image tab, to make the title readable in all type of theme images. Click here to see this applied in an album with folders.

  • The infobar in the upper left corner has now the same colors as the toolbar in the upper right corner and the navigation arrows.
  • The infobar and slide borders were influenced by the old FancyBox defaults style button, this has been corrected.
  • Check-box 'Minimal display time infobar, toolbar and arrow buttons:' is now disabled if the Side panel is used.
  • Some texts on the Slide page layout page have been improved and more controls are disabled if required.
  • All styles improved and two new styles added: Dark and Light. See this survey of FancyBox styles.
  • Check-box 'Use fancyBox defaults for the slide page' renamed into 'Show description in fancyBox default gradient bar' and moved to the 'Show as description in the bottom caption bar ..' panel. It is used to show the slide caption in the fancyBox gradient caption bar below the slide. See here for and example.
  • The new spinner 'Minimal display time toolbar:' on the Slide page options tab determines the minimal time you see the toolbar on the slidepage (0 means don't hide the toolbar).
  • More compact code if the Panorama viewer is not used.

  • New check-box "Show location in a new tab (works also locally and no Google Maps API key is required)" added on the slide page options tab. If set the location will be shown in Google Maps in a new browser tab. This is also done if no Google Maps API key is defined. See here for an example.
  • The jAlbum pages rows/columns settings group has been disabled.
  • Skin properties corrected.
  • Most group-panels are now extended to the right window border
  • New check-box "Show exposure date in the upper left corner" on the slide page options tab. If set the original image or video date will be displayed in the upper left corner of the slide page. See the Portfolio album for an example. The format of the exposure date depends on the contents of the Date format field of the Advanced / General settings tab. It works for videos only with jAlbum version 22.0.3 or later
  • With new check-boxes 'Exposure date' on the Index page / General tab, it is also possible to show the exposure date under the thumbnails or as hint on the index page.
  • The HTML editor can now be used in the About, About Album, Music and Empty Page template files and also for the Skin InfoWindow and Footer fields (requires jAlbum 22).
  • Video overlay icon video-icon.svg was missing, added again.
  • New check-mark "Replace Up-arrow button by Home button" on the Links tab for replacing the Up-arrow button by the Home button on the top page of the album.
  • Some buttons redesigned, like download GPS track and Download photo.
  • New check-boxes "Use left-aligned text (recommended for HTML editor)" for album and slide description and for the middle footer text
  • Album title items grouped in a panel on the Index page / General tab.
  • Album description items grouped in a new panel on the Index page / General tab.
  • Layout of some skin tabs improved.
  • Template files About.htt, About_album.htt, empty-page.htt and Music.htt are changed so that the spellings-checker can be used.
  • Multiple [link text](link URL) code in the text block before the profile image is now processed.
  • New text area field on the 'Web page' tab for code to be inserted at the end of the”HEAD” section of the main index page (Only HTML). This can be used for making a special album for smart phones.
  • The 'Vertical position' on the 'Index page' / 'Theme image' tab refers now to the bottom of the folder / album title, if the value is > 50%. This improves the display of a title near the bottom of a responsive theme image in albums with folders and variable theme heights. See my France album for an example. It might be required to adapt the vertical position if you did use already a value > 50% in a previous version. For values <= 50% the vertical position still refers to the top of the folder / album title.
  • If neither the Justified Gallery nor the Masonry Gallery is used, it is possible to select the vertical alignment of the thumbnails with the new combo-box "Thumbnails vertical alignment:" on the Index page / Thumbnails tab.
  • It is now possible to select the vertical alignment of the folder thumbnails with the new combo-box "Folder thumbnails vertical alignment:" on the Index page / Folders tab, but you see this only if the Folder box height is undefined (empty)
  • By checking the new "Fixed-shape folder thumbnails" check-box on the Index page / Folders tab, it is now possible to to use fixed-shape folder thumbnails. To see the difference, compare this album with fixed shape folder thumbnails with this album with variable size folder thumbnails.
  • Bug fix: The Theme image shows now again a shadow if this has been selected by the user.
  • It is now possible to define the font size of the title in the theme image, not only in absolute pixel units, but also in relative ‰ units. The font size is in that case a ‰ of the view port width, so the title shrinks if the view port shrinks. To see the effect, open this test album on an mobile device and rotate the device or open it on a PC and change the window size. The various possible theme display methods are also demonstrated in these screen dumps.
  • To avoid problems with very long album titles on small devices, the position value of the Title refers now to the top of the Title. If you update an album which displays the title in the theme image with this version, you have to update the Font-size and the vertical position.
  • Bug fix: after a refresh of a local album with the title in the theme image, the title did sometimes disappears.
  • Some code improvements.
  • In the Black and Gray styles was the text under a slide unreadable, this has been corrected.
  • The side-panel comments are now working again.
  • Some svg icons improved.
  • New layout of the Index page / Theme image tab:

These parameters are used for this test album.

  • More properties of the album title in the theme image are defined on this tab, like the title font-size, the title color and possibility to apply shadows in the title.
  • The algorithm of the position calculation both for the title has been improved. The position values of both the Title and the Theme button icon refers now to the middle of the Title and the Theme button icon. If you update an existing album with this new version, it might be required to adapt the position and/or font-size values and/or the color settings.
  • New combo-box "Horizontal alignment:" added to position the title centered, left or right in the theme image. See here for an example of a bottom / right aligned title.
  • Checking the new check-box "Move title above theme image if view-port width < 500px" makes it now possible to prevent that the title in the theme image is unreadable in small view-ports. Notice that in that case the title font-size, the color and the shadow is defined on the General tab and on Index page / General tab. More info here.
  • If you change the Font size in the Viewer settings window, the album title font size is no longer changed.
  • Because the buttons in the top-line of an iPhone in full screen mode can't be used, this version introduces three improvements:
  • 1. A new slide page option 'Move tool bar to the bottom' will move the tool bar and to the bottom on an iPhone in landscape mode. To see it, close all tabs in Safari on your iPhone except this one, open this page in portrait mode and next rotate it in landscape mode.
  • 2. The panorama navigation buttons are moved to the bottom on an iPhone in landscape mode..
  • 3. The close button in the Google Maps window is moved 50px lower on an iPhone in landscape mode.
  • It is now also possible to use m4a sound tracks used by Apple, also as sound tracks for images via user variable 'sound'.
  • File name of Empty_page.htt changed into empty-page.htt to prevent double entries in the Explorer 'New page' context menu.
  • If no Bootstrap menu is used, the bootstrap files are no longer copied to the output res directory and other non-used files are faster deleted.
  • Justified-Gallery version 3.8.1 is now used.
  • jquery-3.5.1 is now used.
  • Default Google font 'Quicksand' replaced by 'Roboto'.
  • The coded links link text(link url) in Facebook text are now replaced by just the link text.
  • If the theme image is not used as background image, it is now never displayed with a width larger as the natural width of the theme image. This enables you to use theme images of different sizes in folder albums by entering an image in the Theme image text-box on the Theme image tab.. See this example of an album with folders.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Four new fields added to the slide page layout tab to define a border for the slide page image: Border color, space to border, border width and border radius.
  • Check-mark "Put the border in the image" to choose implementation via XBorderFilter or CSS. The XBorderFilter makes the border in the JPEG file itself, so if you change a border parameter, all images will be made and uploaded again, which can be a problem for large albums. You should also not use the XBorderFilter if you use 360° or spherical panoramas. The only advantage of the XBorderFilter is that you don't see a thick border for a moment if you open the light-box.
  • It is now possible to define the 'More info' link trigger (default '...'), the 'More info' text (default '...') and the 'Less info' text (default '<<'). Clickable area of the link enlarged.
  • New 'Show Share window button' check-mark to share the index page or a slide page via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email (WhatsApp only on mobile phones). The check-marks to share via email and Facebook have been removed.
  • Check-mark "Show Full screen button" on the Slide page / Options tab is now always enabled, but if this check-mark is set, the "Full screen button" on the index page is removed.

  • The Cylindrical panorama viewer of Evgeny Likov is now used. This viewer supports also automatic scrolling on a PC, but you can also use the mouse-wheel and for a 360° panorama endless scrolling is also supported on mobile devices. See the new viewer in my cylindrical panoramas album. click the expansion button in the upper left corner of the ligth-box to open the viewer.
  • A vertical swipe down will now close a cylindrical panorama.
  • New check-mark "Hide tool bar on iPhone in landscape mode" on the slide page options tab. This has been added because clicking a button in the light-box toolbar on an iPhone in landscape mode where the Safari address toolbar is hidden has no effect: the address toolbar will become visible. To see this in action open a light-box in this album on an iPhone. To use the full window on an iPhone, close all tabs except the tab of the album and rotate the device 90° in landscape mode.
  • If check-mark "Expand Spherical panorama automatically" has been set, clicking the close button in a spherical panorama will close the light-box.
  • If check-mark "Expand Spherical panorama automatically" has been set, a possible description is showed at the bottom of the spherical panorama viewer. See my spherical panoramas album to see these changes.
  • New text box "Audio tooltip:" on the audio tab, for displaying music info in a tootip for the audio controller.
  • In the settings window is the question 'Use full screen for a picture' on an iPhone no longer visible.
  • Fixed: an Android issue because this device was indicated as a PC.
  • If a thumbnail hint did contain a link, it was with a Justified gallery not possible to open the corresponding light-box. Solved by removing the links in hints.
  • Some fixes in CSS code to avoid VS-Code warnings.
  • It is now possible to play an audio file per photo: save the audio file in the output root folder and add for the image a user variable 'sound' with as parameter the name of the audio file. See My song book album for an example.
  • Some text and layout changes on the skin 'General' tab to make it better understandable.
  • New lines in comment replaced by html tag <br> if the comment contains no <br> or <p> tags.
  • You can now use text without html tags in the Info window and in the Footer text box.
  • Spell-checking added to selected input fields (requires jAlbum 19 or better).
  • Bug fixed if code text(link) was preceded by one or more '(xxx)' groups.
  • Fixed: if the Bootstrap menu was selected and there were no folders or template files there was a crash.
  • The icon of link 6 is no longer used as theme image icon, a new theme image icon is defined at the Theme image tab.
  • Improved more responsive design op the theme image icon at the top of the page: If the Theme image is not used as background and the Theme image width is defined as %, the Theme image top and width fields contains ‰ units else pixel units. In this album with a theme image as background image, you see such an icon in the upper left corner, in this folder album you see such an icon in the middle and in this album you see the icon in the upper right corner of the theme image. The last two albums show the theme image as a responsive image. More information in the user manual
  • Bug fix: if a no Justified-Gallery is used, it is now again possible to use the play button on the index page and to skip the index page (problem introduced in version 1.4.1).
  • The Video thumbnails border color selector is now moved outside the group 'If Justified Gallery is not used', because it is now also used for video thumbnails on the slide page, for an example open the video demo album.
  • Border of current thumbnail on slide page has now a radius (magnifying-glass effect), for an example open the video demo album.
  • Embedded album template updated.
  • New check-mark "Enable vertical swipes on the index page" allows you to prevent that an index page is closed if you moves the thumbnails down. In this album are vertical swipes on the index page disabled.
  • It is now possible to display the custom icon for link 6 at the top of the page. You can define the size and position of that icon. The icon can implement a link or you can use it just to display a logo icon on top of the theme image or somewhere else on the page.

  • Problems with links in descriptions below thumbs solved: if Justified-Gallery is used and also for AlbumOfAlbums.
  • The video overlay was incorrectly positioned with descriptions below thumbnails and relative thumb heigth was used.

  • Margin added to the text below the thumbs on the index page if check-mark 'Show shadows of panels on the index page' has been set.
  • Images with space between border and image better centered on a folder panel.
  • Predefined styles improved.
  • If 'Show Album title In the theme image' has been selected and check-mark 'Use Theme image as background' has been cleared, the album title could sometimes not been displayed correctly on a smart phone in portrait mode. This is now improved.
  • The vertical position of the album title in the theme image on the Index page / Theme image tab is now in % instead of pixels, which gives a better responsive behavior.
  • A new check-mark 'Fixed theme image' on the Theme image tab has been added. If this check-mark is set, the theme image is fixed at the top of the window; the thumbnails will scroll over the theme image. You can see this effect in this demo album.
  • The Title color selector has been moved from the 'Theme image' tab to the 'General' tab and is now also used if the title is displayed outside the theme image.
  • Google+ field removed from contact.htt template.
  • The Max. width field in the Panoramic image custom panel has been removed. The maxImageWidth property is now always 50000 for a panoramic image; the real width is determined by the selected image height.
  • Some code improvements for the Panoramic image custom panel
  • With jAlbum 18.4 it is now possible to show the video creation time with the EXIF data. You can see it in the Videos and Exif demo album
  • GPS location of a video can now be displayed if GPS tool Tool to get GPS link from video with GPS metadata is used. You can see it in the Videos and Exif demo album.
  • If the video contains no GPS information, you can add the location manually via this GPS tool: open the Google Earth program, select in the Google Earth preferences for the Latitude/Longitude display format 'Decimal degrees' if that is not done earlier and set a way-point on the location where the video is recorded. Copy the values via the clipboard and enter the values in the Latitude and Longitude fields of the GPS tool, but the GPS tool requires that you add a + sign for positive values and only 4 of the 6 decimals are processed by the GPS tool. After you added GPS data to videos via this tool, it is best to close jAlbum and open it again before you open the edit window of a video or image otherwise is the image not visible in the edit window.
  • You can also use my modified version of this GPS tool in which case it is not required to add + signs in manual data, 6 instead of 4 decimals are processed and you can open an edit window immediately without closing jAlbum first.

  • Links are now displayed as bold, so you can now give the links in a description the same text color as normal text.
  • If the new check-mark 'Use Bootstrap to create menu with background color:' on the 'General' tab is set, the menu is made with the Bootstrap library. The background color of that menu is determined by the next color selector and next combo-box defines the alignment of the menu. See my France album for an example of this type of menu.
  • With a Bootstrap menu, the same colors as used in the Bootstrap menu are used for the Back buttons, in the About and other template files and for the buttons defined in the links tab if no icons are used and buttons are not displayed in a tool-bar.
  • The Bootstrap menu can collapse to an Hamburger icon:
  • If check-mark 'Replace menu bar by Hamburger button' is cleared, the Hamburger button will never be displayed and if set and the next width field is empty, the Hamburger button will always be displayed.
  • If check-mark 'Replace menu bar by Hamburger button' is set and a width is entered in the next field, the menu will be replaced by a Hamburger button at the indicated view-port width.
  • New menu home icon home icon with a color equal to the menu text color.
  • If check-mark 'Stop after the last slide' has been set and a slide-show has been started, the slide page will be closed after the last slide has been displayed.
  • If check-mark 'Show info window if you open the album' was set, the modal info page was not displayed at startup this has been corrected. However you should not set that check-mark if an album has folders!
  • Some layout changes in the Slide page / Options tab.

  • The h1 tag CSS code has been moved from index.htt to common.css so that a selected Google Font can also be used in extra HTML files.
  • h2 and h3 CSS code added for extra HTML files.
  • You can now select for the album title a base font which is different from the base font used for the other texts.
  • It is now possible to see examples of the base fonts.

  • If check-mark 'Open first slide automatically' is set, thumbs are no longer removed.
  • Bug in panorama button detection solved.
  • You can now stop / start an embedded slide show which skips the index page and show no close button by clicking left or right of the image. See this album.
  • The new fancyBox library v3.5.7 version is now used.
  • If the Exif button was selected, the Exif info was not always displayed correctly, this has been corrected.
  • The arrow navigation buttons on mobile devices are now hidden, unless check-mark "Hide navigation arrows on mobile devices" on the Options tab of the Slide page settings is cleared.
  • It is now also for webLocations possible to show the title in the upper left corner.
  • If check-mark 'Use fancyBox defaults for the slide page' has not been set, a link in a slide description uses now the colors as indicated on the 'General' tab of the skin settings.
  • New check-mark 'Show description at the top of the window' at the Slide page / Layout tab. You should set this check-mark only if you have short slide comments.
  • The FancyBox skin can now play an audio file in the light-box. Click on the 9th thumbnail in this album to test it.

  • If the new check-mark "Compress panorama thumbnails" is set the ConstrainRatioFilter is used to compress the thumbnails of panorama photos. To see the difference compare this uncompressed album with this compressed album.
  • The Show location function shows now only the address information if the new check-mark "Show location address (Geocoding API required)" has been checked. To see the difference click the location button in this album without address info and in this album with address info.
  • The Full screen button on the index page was no longer working with the latest Google Chrome browser. This has been repaired with a new version v4.0.1 of the ScreenFull library.
  • For use in embedded albums are the map and panorama sections now also commented.
  • Next bugs solved in a multi index page album:
    • The Show location function works now also in such an album.
    • If check-mark 'Stop after the last slide' is set, the 'Next' navigation button is hidden for the last image and the 'Previous' navigation button is hidden for the first image

  • If you set the new check-mark: "Use the full size of the screen from edge to edge on an iPhone X(R/S/Max)", the slide image uses the whole area on the iPhone-X, but the notch and the rounded corners may hide a part of the image. To see it, open a slide page in this album on an iPhone X(R/S/M).
  • If a side panel with EXIF info is used, swiping over the EXIF info allows you to go to the next/previous slide, but the clicking on the EXIF info in a side panel does not remove the EXIF info. See thhis in the video/EXIF test album.
  • New check-mark "Open slide page in fullscreen mode", only enabled if check-box "Disable viewer settings" is set.
  • If check-mark 'Show shadows of panels on the index page' has been set, the thumbnails on the folder panels show no longer shadows. See the new look in this example album .
  • The option to hide scrollbars has been removed.
  • Check-mark "Clicking the up-arrow button returns to the previous page" has been removed, because it was not correctly working for albums with folders and you can get the same effect by entering 'javascript:history.back()' in the Parent page URL field.

  • The color and height of the slide show progress-bar are now selectable. Make the color transparent or the height=0 if you do not like to see a progress bar.
  • The arrow buttons do have now the same background color as the tool-bar buttons, the area around the arrow buttons get the color defined with 'Upper left corner info, description and arrow area background color'.
  • Two new inc-files required to make websites with the bootstrap library added: File inserts code in the <head> section directly after the title and before the link to the common.css file. File inserts code just before the </body> tag, can be used for links to js-libraries. See this home page example album/
  • If in the skin was selected for the top row of buttons 'Show initially' or 'Hide initially' and the viewer did click one or more times in the theme image or the Title, the last type of display is remembered.
  • If the slide caption below the image requires more then 50% of the screen height, a vertical scroll-bar is added. See this example album.
  • If the description contains link code, the converted link is now shown in a thumbnail hint and in a possible description below the thumbnail on the index page.
  • It is now possible to replace on small devices the menu-bar by a Hamburger button, via the new check-mark 'Replace menu bar by Hamburger button, if view-port width <' on the 'General' tab. As an example open my Scandinavia album.
  • It is now also possible to define a maximum width for the profile image. As a result the profile images are now also responsive on mobile phones, see for example the height profiles of my gpx walkings in my Algarve album.
  • Problem with the More info link (...) solved, if on the Slide page both check-mark 'Use as background color for the description' and check-mark 'Fill box around the description and attach it to the image' have been set.
  • Check-mark 'Clicking the up-arrow button returns to the previous page' works now also correctly for an album with folders.
  • Corrected: If an album did contain only web locations, a start slide show button was missing, although the slide show was enabled.
  • Bug introduced in version1.3.2 with the tool-tip an album title with a background color solved.

  • More layout options for the description of the image on the slide page selectable with controls on the Slide Page / Layout tab in the group 'Show as description in the bottom caption bar or side panel':
  • You can now define the color of the description text independent of the other text colors.
  • The background color of this text can be set with check-mark 'Use as background color for the description' and next color selector. Both controls were already available in the previous versions, but they have now been moved to this group.
  • With the new check-mark 'Fill box around the description and attach it to the image', you can attach the description to the image. To see it open this example album.
  • It is now possible to show extended descriptions on a side panel with the new check-mark and width text box: "Show description in side panel with panel width:" in the same group. See this example album. The width of the side panel can be defined as % or as px. If check-mark Show description in side panel.." is checked, the Exif data are also left aligned displayed in that side panel. No panel is displayed if the caption is empty, however if Exif data are displayed via the Exif button, the side panel is also visible if the description is empty.
  • If check-mark "Display the panel alternately left / right of the image" is set, there is always a side panel visible and these panels are alternatively displayed left and right of the image. See this example album
  • To improve the readability of the album title in a theme image, the album title tool-tip shows now also the album title.
  • The Google maps windows show now a larger map.
  • Some text strings have been improved: "Show Slide Show button" has been changed into "Enable slide show" (for embedded album), 'Buttons color:' changed into 'Arrow- and tool-bar-buttons color:'. Some texts which could not been translated have been added to the text properties files.
  • Solved: Viewer setting 'Use full screen for a picture' was not immediately working after the viewer window was closed if no slide show was enabled.

  • If the album shows no theme image, the Facebook share function shows now another photo.
  • Check-mark 'Show shadow in title' has been moved to the Index page / General tab and is now also used if the title is outside the theme image. The title gets no longer automatically a shadow if check-mark 'Show shadows of panels on the index page' has been set.
  • New check-mark and color selector on the Index page / General: "Use as background color for the album title:", see the Fishermens Trail album for an example.
  • The Viewer settings window extended with question: 'Use full screen for a picture:' also for the iOS system. This allows you to display the slides in full screen mode also on an iPad.
  • New code for Theme image: theme image size should now be set in the Set Cropping window. The Theme Width and Theme Height fields on the Theme Image tab are removed.
  • With a new Share button it is now possible to use the fancyBox Share menu for sharing the Slide page on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • If you click the Facebook Share button or the new Share button in the slide page tool-bar, the URL of the image and the URL of the web page are copied to the clipboard. This makes it easy to share the image and page in the native Facebook app and other apps. For example if you click the share button in this slide page the clipboard is loaded with this string: “ Web page:”. If you drop this string in the Facebook “What are you doing?” box, you see after a while the corresponding picture. Next you can erase the first part of this string and use the part starting at Web page: to create a link to the web page.
  • Facebook Share code changed because of problems with the Facebook share function under iOS.
  • A folder image is now reduced in height if the image is larger as the folderbox.
  • New check-box 'Keep the common,css file locally' in the 'Fixed res path' group of the 'Web page' tab; only used if the 'Fixed res path' is not empty. This allows you for example to use another background image as used in the global res directory. As an example the next 3 albums Berg en Dal, Zaltbommel and Hurwenen use the same fixed res path. The Zaltbommel and Hurwenen do use the same Gray-Textile background. Berg en Dal uses another background image, so in that album check-mark 'Keep the common.css file locally' has been set.
  • New check-marks on the Index page / General: "Use as background color for the album description:" and "Fill box around the description". If both check-boxes and check-box "Show shadows on index page" have been checked, the Album description panel shows a shadow. For examples see the Fixed shape example album and the Berg en Dal album .
  • It is now possible to set the width of the the Album description panel, see the Fixed shape example album .
  • It is now possible to use as row height a percentage of the screen-height in landscape mode, both with or without the use of the justified-gallery, the minimum height is 50px and the maximum height is determined by the thumbnails image bounds, See here for an example album which uses the Justified-Gallery and here for an example of fixed ratio thumbnails where no Jusified-Gallery is used. View these albums on a smart phone and on a large monitor!
  • fancyBox library version 3.5.2 is now used.
  • New check-mark on the Slide page Layout tab: 'Prevent that the description overlaps the image'.
  • The slide page button hover-color has been changed from white to gray.
  • If the index page is skipped, a full-screen button can optionally be added to the slide page tool-bar.
  • The Zoom and Thumbnails buttons can now be hidden.
  • It is now again possible to work with empty Folder box width / height fields.
  • If a Folder box width was defined, the folder image could be distorted, this has been corrected.
  • Problems with invalid transition type, view-time and transit-time improved.

  • The new fancyBox library version 3.5.1 is now used.
  • Support for pdf files added, see this example album. Add a pdf-file via web location if you like to use your own thumbnail (thumbnails 6 & 7) else you see the standard Adobe PDF reader icon (thumbnail 8). You can also use a pdf-file as Info window (info button below the thumbnails) or open a pdf-file via a button on the index page (globe button below the thumbnails).
  • You can now make a link in the info window title with the [link text](link URL) code, to see it click the info button below the thumbnails in this example album.
  • Videos do now use the poster image generated by jAlbum (To see it, open this album on a mobile device.
  • To prevent empty tool-tips, all spaces around a comment are now removed.
  • Bug fix: Clicking outside the slide image on a mobile device did not stop the slide show.
  • Bug fix: Option 'Show info window if you open the album' was also not correctly working if a slide page was activated via a hash ('#') in the URL, both if the index page was skipped or not.
  • Bug fix: Option 'Show info window if you open the album' was not correctly working in an album with folders. That has been corrected now: only the top level album will show this window, not the folder albums.

  • The Music.htt template accepts now also ogg audio files.
  • New check-box 'Show info window if you open the album'. If set, the modal Info window is opened immediately if you open the album. See here for an example.
  • If 'Use fancyBox defaults for the slide page' is cleared, links in the slide caption use now the colors for links as set on the skins 'General'tab.
  • New check-mark "Clicking a 'More info' link opens a new window" on the Slide page options tab. If set, the extended comment displayed under a slide is displayed in a new modal window. The colors and the dimension of that new window are set on the 'Info window' tab. See here for an example.
  • If 'Stop after the last slide' has been checked, the right arrow button on the last slide and the left arrow button on the first slide are removed.
  • New include file added for extra html code to embed an album in a web page. This code is inserted directly after the body tag before the <div id="indexDiv">. See here for an example of an embedded FancyBox light-box in a web-page.
  • New check-mark "Use fancybox-placeholder in an embedded album" used for embedded albums. See here for the recipe.
  • 'Use fancyBox defaults for the slide page' is no longer the default style for a new album.
  • It is now possible to change the foreground and background color of the tool-bar and navigation buttons. See here for an example.
  • The Expand-, Mail-, Exif, Facebook- and Location-buttons on the slide page are now all made by in-line svg strings.
  • With an include file it is now possible to add extra js-code at the end of the $(document).ready(function().
  • fancyBox library version 3.4.2 is now used.
  • Slideshow now waits for YouTube and Vimeo video to end. See here for an example.
  • After YouTube or Vimeo video ends, gallery will automatically move to the next slide.
  • Slide show shows a progress-bar.
  • Optional Tool-tips are now working on on all pages.
  • Problem with the colors of the info-bar solved.
  • The link to the skin page was incorrect, this has been repaired.
  • A swipe up / down in the info window is disabled if the text overflows, so if scrolling is required to read all text
  • New check-mark "Hide the buttons while the slide show is playing" on the Slide page / Options tab. If set the buttons will be hidden if the slide show is started. Click outside the image (or use the space bar on a PC) to stop the slide show and show the buttons again. Note that clicking outside the image, while a slide show is not active, will close the window. Clicking the esc key on a PC keyboard will immediately close the slide page.
  • It is now possible to show in the upper left corner of a slide page the image counter and/or the filename (with or without file extension) and/or the image title.
  • Two new fields to add a border the Justfied-Gallery thumbnails.
  • You can now use also ogg files as background music.
  • If the theme image is used as background, the theme image hint is now also 'Click to show or hide the top-buttons' if these buttons are initially hidden or shown.
  • fancyBox library version 3.4 is now used.
  • Clicking the slide show Play button in the upper right corner of the slide page shows now immediately the next slide.
  • Some bugs related to the new fancyBox 3.4 library solved.

  • The Info window is now closed by clicking the close button or using a swipe up / down or clicking the up-arrow key.
  • If check-mark Use Justified Gallery is cleared, the thumb gallery is now identical to the Variable # thumbnails / row layout as implemented in the Slide Show 4 skin and the PhotoSwipe skin, so video icon overlays and captions in the thumbnails are now possible.
  • New check-box: Use whole screen for slide image if screen height <. If set, the whole screen is used, so the tool-bar and the caption may overlay the image. If you enter a value for the minimum screen height after that check-mark, it is only applied for small devices with a screen height below the given value. In this example album it is only applied for a screen height < 400 px.
  • Bug fixes: Sometimes the Justified Gallery was not shown in maximized window mode on a PC with the Chrome and Firefox browsers. The implementation of an Album of albums has been corrected.

  • New tab added to the index page settings, to define an extra Info window as was already possible with the Slide Show 4 skin. However the FancyBox skin displays the Info window as a modal window. In this sample album the Info window is displayed if you click the 3th button from the right.
  • New check-mark "Disable Right Click and Long Tap context menu, to prevent 'Save as..'". If set, all context menus with items like 'Save picture as ...' and 'View source' are disabled, to make it difficult for a viewer to copy your images.
  • Some code changes to please HTML code validators.
  • If 'Show shadows on index page' is set, the thumbnails do get now also shadow.
  • HTML code tab moved to the Footer tab.
  • A CSS code panel has been added to the Web page tab, to insert custom CSS code at the end of the standard CSS code.

  • New check-mark 'Use Justified Gallery', if cleared the thumbnails gallery loads faster and you can use borders around the thumbnails. If the Justified Gallery is not used, video icon overlays and captions in the thumbnails are not possible. However video thumbnails can be indicated by a special border color and you can set check-mark 'Superimpose play icon onto video thumbnails' on the jAlbum Images / Advanced settings tab. See here for an album where the Justified gallery is not used.
  • Separate controls for thumbnail border width, radius and space to border for folder thumbnails and for image thumbnails in case Justified Gallery is not used.
  • Due to a bug in fancyBox gallery in case the expansion button was shown, it was not possible to process the click function correctly if an expansion button is showed. So only if check-mark "Don't use Panorama Viewers" is set, "Use 'Tap image' to start/stop Slide Show or for next image' is enabled.
  • Dead-zone and most special css tricks for the iPhone removed, because it did give problems with Chrome on the iPhone. You have now to shift the contents a little bit down on an iPhone in full screen landscape mode, before you click on a top-button or you should rotate the iPhone in portrait mode before you click a top-button.
  • The Google Maps close button is shifted down on an iPhone.
  • Check-mark 'Use slides images in gallery removed'; to avoid problems with folder thumbnails.
  • JustifiedGallery - v3.7.0 files are now used.
  • Top empty line removed if folders menu was selected, but screen height was too small.
  • The theme-image hint is now 'Click to show or hide the top-buttons' if these buttons are initially hidden or shown.

  • Thumbnails for video files, YouTube videos and Vimeo videos can optionally get a Video icon. See this album.
  • If a slide page is opened from a Google Map, it returns to this map is the close button is clicked.
  • The Slide caption text color was not always correct.
  • New check-mark: "Show thumbs after opening slide page". See here for an example.
  • Problem with "'" character in caption solved.
  • New color selector for bottom caption bar and arrow buttons background color.
  • If the slide page is opened in the Bridge projector index page, it returns now to the Bridge projector index page if the slide page is closed. See the Bridge projector test album.

  • Bug solved: Slide page location button, EXIF button etc. are now again working with Firefox vs 61
  • The full panoramic user panel is now visible ion the Explorer.
  • Cylindrical and Spherical panorama viewers implemented, see this cylindrical panorama test album and this spherical panorama test album.
  • The up-arrow key closes now a map, a panorama window or the slide page. The Esc key closes also a map, but next the slide page is also closed.
  • It is now possible to skip the preview of a spherical panorama.
  • Swipes are no longer processed in the panorama viewers, because the bottom buttons in the spherical viewer were not working on a mobile device.
  • A Slide Show stops now automatically if a video is displayed.
  • A new check-mark 'Start videos automatically' allows you to start videos automatically on a PC, but videos on a mobile device will mostly only play after you clicked the Play button. As an example in this video test album the videos do not start automatically.
  • A slide show does no longer interrupt videos: the slide-show pauses automatically if a video is opened and it continues automatically to the next slide if the playing of the video is finished. See this video test album for an example.

  • The slide show stops now if a Facebook share action is started.
  • Optional Mail-share added via Mail button in the slide page tool-bar.
  • The EXIF button is now only displayed for images.
  • If the original images are copied to the output directory, these images will be downloaded if the download image button is enabled.
  • FancyBox tool-bar buttons hints translated.
  • User manual adapted for FancyBox.
  • The Google Maps window and the Settings window is now a fancyBox modal window.
  • The modal viewer settings window contains now always a help and a close button.
  • If "Open first slide automatically" has been set, the index page is hidden via CSS code.
  • New check-mark "Hide tool-bar and arrows" to hide tool-bar and navigation arrows for use in embedded albums. See here an example of a embedded slide shows.
  • The FancyBox skin supports now the Jalbum Bridge projector, see here for an example.

  • Video support for native video files and for YouTube and Vimeo videos. See here for an example album. This album shows too how web locations are implemented.
  • No special panoramic pages have been implemented, but he resolution of panoramic pictures can be enlarged via the 'Panoramic image' panel. Via the zoom button on the slide page it is next possible to scroll through the panorama, see here for an example.
  • The features of the index page are the same as for the Slide Show 4 skin and the PhotoSwipe skin, but the FancyBox skin there is just one type of thumbnails gallery: the Justified Gallery. To improve the readability of filenames and captions for thumbnails, it is possible to use tool-tips, which works not only on a PC, but also on mobile devices.
  • The optional top line of the index page contains a button to open the help file, start a slide show, open a full screen window, navigate back to the parent album, navigation buttons for folder albums, share buttons for Facebook and email and finally a button to open the viewer settings window. Help is available in the following languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Swedish. You can display this top line initially above or behind the theme image.
  • The viewer settings window allows you to adjust a number of properties: You can adapt the font size used for the descriptions: you may reduce the font size to 50% or enlarge it to 200%. In the same way you can adapt the button size. You can also adapt the viewing time per picture, the slide transition effect and the transition time in a slide show. You can also choose to disable the automatic start of background music if you open an album and you can chose to display the enlarged photos always in full screen mode.
  • The index pages can optionally be skipped to make a carousel album which can also be embedded in web-page. See here for an example
  • Include files allows you to make complete web-pages, see here for an example
Up to 7 text-buttons and / or icons may be displayed below the thumbs on the index page with as default functions:
  • Go to previous album
  • Download GPS track
  • Show route in a Google Maps web page
  • Show route in the Google Earth program. This map can be made with my program MakeMap.
  • Show a page with more information about the subject of the album.
  • Go to the Home web page
  • Go to next album
These functions may also be represented by text links in an optional menu bar at the top of the index page. These default functions are optional and can also be used by other functions, because you can define the text of these buttons.

A tool-bar with buttons above the light-box image allows you to
  • To zoom-in or zoom-out
  • To Start / Stop the slide show
  • To download the image
  • To show the EXIF data of the photo
  • To share the photo on Facebook
  • To. Share the photo via e-mail (vs 1.1.5)
  • To show the photo location in Google Maps
  • To open a thumbnails strip below the image
  • To close the light-box

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