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Watermark videos using an image overlay file
Posted: 13 May 18, 22:33
The next release of jAlbum (15.5) will allow for videos to be watermarked by using custom settings/advanced, for the video processing. The settings required can be found here. The tool will be left here for users with older versions of jAlbum and those who prefer not to use advanced settings, but note the two methods work differently. The custom settings generates the output video with a watermark, the tool adds a watermark to a duplicate of the original video and excludes the original video.

This tool will add a watermark/logo to all videos in a project. It takes the original video and renames it by appending '_Original' to the base filename and then excludes that video from the project. It then creates a watermarked copy of the original using the original files filename.

If the video is a 'linked' file then only the link is renamed and the watermarked video is added directly to the project,

No warranty of any sort is given, use it at your own risk - always try it on a test project first.

Save the attached file in the 'tools' subfolder of the jAlbum configuration folder ( Shift + Cmd/Cntrl + C, then place in the tools folder).

Add a logo/watermark image to your project's root folder, a transparent png should work best. If the image is not used elsewhere in your project exclude it.

Go to Menu/Tools/External tools and select the watermark videos tool.

Select a location for the watermark, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right or centre.

Enter the filename of the image added to the root of your project, include the extension. If no filename is supplied you will see this error message and processing will stop.

Click 'OK'. If the videos don't show after a while press F5 to update the display.

Note, video processing takes time, so it may be a while before all videos are processed.

Edited by: RobM on 14-May-2018 21:50
Updated the tool to get rid of a bad habit, using / as a file separator instead of File.separator
Without the change the tool would only work on Macs and Unix type OS, it now works on Windows too.
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