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New version 1.8.3 of the PhotoSwipe skin
Posted: 24-Jun-2017 20:02
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Changes in version 1.8.3 of the PhotoSwipe skin:

  • If check-mark 'Show first slide automatically' is set or a Justfied Gallery has been selected and "Use Slide image" has been checked, no thumbnails are created and existing thumbnails are removed.
  • Code of yellow tooltip hint for thumbnails for mobile devices has been removed and replaced by new code which allows you to select tooltips for the thumbnails and the buttons on PCs and on touch screen devices, where the text and background color of these tooltips can be selected by the user. You see these tooltips on a PC if you hover the mouse over a button or thumbnail. On touch screens you see these tooltips if you tap on a button or thumbnail; to prevent a click action you should move your finger over the screen outside the button or thumbnail en release there your finger from the screen.
  • Several changes in the skin settings pages to make the required vertical area smaller: New main tab 'Web page', new tab 'Folders' on the index page and 'Slide page' tab divided in two sub tabs 'Layout' and 'Options'. Some fields moved from the index or General page to other tabs.

Previous changes and solved problems:

  • You can now set the desired transparency of the captions in a justified gallery.
  • The value of the 'Thumbnails radius' is no longer used for a justified gallery.
  • It is now possible to define the max. row height for a justified gallery in %.
  • The captions in a Justified gallery use now the same font-family and font-size as used for the normal text in the album.
  • Swipe up/down no longer closes the Google Maps route window.
  • Fixed: Clicking on a caption in a Justified gallery did not open the slide page.
  • Fixed: Some html validation service warnings removed by adapting the html code.
  • Fixed: The panorama viewer navigation buttons did not show the pointer cursor on a PC.
  • Fixed: Problems with the Google Maps location window and the panoramic picture viewers in case the slide full-screen button was clicked solved.
  • Fixed: After an expanded panorama was closed, it was still enlarged

  • With a new check-mark on the Index page / General settings tab is now possible to hide the vertical scrollbar and use the mouse wheel only for scrolling. Use this to solve the colored border problem for a Justified gallery on a PC. See here for an example. If you use a transparent background color with the Justified Gallery, you can, if you wish, clear that option, but in that case you should set the Justified Gallery Border parameter to 20 to avoid the jumpy window problem if a scrollbar is just visible. See here for an album without scrollbar and here for the same album with a scrollbar.
  • You can now select for a Justified Gallery a border width; the default value is -1 in which case the border width is equal to the selected margin.
  • The justified Gallery captions are now animated and faintly visible if a caption has been selected for a thumbnail. If you did not select captions, you can still see the caption by moving the mouse cursor over the thumb or enabling the yellow information pop-ups on touch screens, see the sample album.
  • You can now optionally use the slides images instead of the thumbs images in a justified gallery. This gives of course a somewhat longer initial loading time, but the images are sharper on large monitors and the enlarged slide shows up faster. See here for an example.
  • Justified Gallery parameter 'Background color' is now again working.
  • Layout of the Index page / Thumbnails tab changed to enable the thumbnails settings for a folder thumbnail if a Justified Gallery is selected.
  • Support for jAlbum Bridge added, see here and here. In the last example it is sometimes required to click the browsers refresh button.
  • A spherical panoramic picture is now automatically expanded in the slide page if check-mark 'Expand Spherical panorama automatically' is checked. See here for an example.
  • Facebook share function for the index page improved.
  • Bug fixes in this version:
  • The 'Folder thumbnails border color' is now again working.
  • On a mobile device a panorama was still expanded after the close panorama button was clicked, this has been corrected.
  • On a mobile device: if the location of a slide was displayed and the device was rotated during this display, the slide was hidden after the location window was closed.

  • If an album is opened the first time in a browser, the slide viewing time is sometimes undefined, this has been corrected in this version.
  • The new version Justified Gallery - v3.6.5 is now used and plug-in screenfull v3.0.0 is replaced by v3.3.2 – 2017-10-27
  • It is now also possible to hide the title on a folder-tile by clearing option 'Show title in folder-tile' on the Index page / Thumbnails tab.
  • New Close, Zoom/Unzoom and Menu buttons in the 'Round black and white buttons' and 'Square black and white buttons' sets.
  • All slide page buttons are now blue if the 'Colored buttons' set is selected.
  • Links made via []() are now also visible in descriptions below thumbnails on the index page, however that link is not visible if the Justified Gallery is used.
  • Crash with empty folder removed and problem in files about.htt, about_album.htt and contact.htt solved.

  • Next and previous image transitions and the slide show transitions are now animated if the new check-box "Animated slide transitions" on the Slide page settings: is set. For an example, see this album
  • The Slide Show stops now automatically if the menu is opened.
  • If viewer setting "Use full screen for a picture" is set, the slide is now better centered in the screen.
  • All slide buttons of the set "Round black and white buttons" are now black.
  • If 'Stop after the last slide' was cleared, the slide show did not continue with the first slide after the last slide was displayed. This has been corrected.
  • Previous / start slide show / next button on a panorama page are now again working as expected.

  • Option "Use 'Tap image' to start/stop Slide Show or to show next image" introduced. If this is set clicking in the image on a PC will no longer zoom the image. To zoom the image on a PC press the Ctrl key and click next in the image.
  • Bug fix: the title is no longer displayed twice in the heading of the index page.

  • You see now an animation if you click a thumbnail to open the slide image and you see again this animation reversed if you close the slide image.
  • If a folder contains another folder and not all images are before this folder in the jAlbum Explorer, you get an error message. The folder name is now showed in this message and also logged in the System console window.
  • If the Profile image on the Index page / Footer tab ends with ".", the next file extensions are checked: first "png", next "gif" and finally "jpg".
  • Non-used theme image files generated via the folder panel are now automatically removed.
  • The Facebook share function for the thumbnails page was no longer correctly working. This is repaired now with new code using Open Graph Markup for sharing. If a theme image is used the theme image will also be shown on the Facebook page, else the slide corresponding with the thumbnail showed on the Folder panel will be used. Option 'Use secure links' should be set if your album is uploaded to a secure site (starting with 'https:') like the server.
  • The F key opens now on a PC the Facebook share dialog, if the index page is shown and also if a slide is shown.
  • The mouse cursor hint of a theme image used as foreground image on a PC shows now the album title if the album title is in the image or if the title is hidden. So without title or if the color combinations makes it difficult to read the album title you can always read it via the mouse cursor hint.
  • Clicking in the Theme image used as background image, toggles now also the top buttons, if these are not fixed.

  • You can now use Google Fonts for normal text.
  • Two new check-marks for background image: "Auto-size background image" and "Don't scroll background image". The effects of these check-marks are only visible on a PC.
  • Check-mark "Auto-size background image" also added on the slide page.
  • New check-mark 'Show top info minimal 10 sec' on the Slide page to keep info longer visible on PC’s.
  • The slide page is no longer closed on a PC if you click left or right of the picture or if you click in the top or bottom bar.
  • With jAlbum 15 it is now also possible to define a theme image by dragging an image to the Theme Image box in the new Folder panel. This theme image can be used as background image or as a normal (responsive-) image, defined on the Theme image tab:

The section above the horizontal line defines the title properties.

The section between the two horizontal lines determines the source of the theme image. There are 4 ways to generate a theme image:

1. In the Theme Image field you can enter the name of the theme image to be displayed at the top of the index page, but you can also browse to the theme image by clicking the browse button to the right of this field. Leave this field empty if no theme image is used.
2. Via an include file
3. Via the Theme Image on the Folder panel (requires jAlbum V15). To use this, set check-mark ‘If this field is blank or the Theme image is not found, use the Theme Image on the Folder panel'. If ‘Create Theme image ...’ check-mark is cleared, the corresponding image in the slides folder is used. If a folder album has no slides directory this method does not work.
4. If you use the Folder panel and check-mark ‘Create Theme image ...’ check-mark is set, a theme image folderimage.jpg is created in the output folder. You can define both a width and a height for the created theme image via the two text boxes after the check-mark. If a field is left empty, the corresponding image bound defined on the jAlbum Images / General tab is used.

If method 1 is used, methods 3 and 4 are ignore and if method 3 or 4 is used, the use of include file is excluded.

The section below the 2nd horizontal line defines the display of the theme image. You can display the theme image as a background image with a constant height or as a responsive image which adapts his size to the size of the window. On large displays there is not much difference between the two methods (Click here to open an album with a theme image used as background image and click here to open an album with a theme image used as responsive image), but on small devices like an iPhone the difference is significant as you can see in the next two screen-dumps:

  • With the new option ‘Justified Gallery' on the Thumbnails tab of the index page settings, the number of thumbnails on a row on the index page will be reduced if the screen width is reduced, but all thumbnails on a row do get the same height and all rows except mostly the last row will get the same length, see here for an example. Because the slide border and shadow parameters are not used if this option is selected, the panel which contains these parameters is disabled and a special panel for Justified Gallery parameters is enabled if this option is selected. Details of the Justified Gallery parameters are documented in the Justified Gallery documentation.
  • If you set the new 'Spherical panoramic image' check-box in the ‘Panoramic image’ panel, the panorama will be displayed in the interactive Photo Sphere Viewer created by Jérémy Heleine. Click here to see an album made with spherical panoramic pictures. You should only do this if it is horizontally a 360° panorama. In the ideal case the panorama should vertically span an angular range of 180°, so in that case you have an aspect ratio of 2:1. Special 360° cameras, like the Ricoh Theta V, create these images exactly, see the first 3 panorama pictures in the example album. However if the panorama is made with a normal camera, where the images are stitched by a multi row stitching program like Autopano Pro, the aspect ratio may be larger, but in that case you can still use this viewer, as you can see with the other panoramic pictures in the example album. This viewer can be used in jAlbum version 13 and 14; the new ‘360° image’ panel introduced in jAlbum 14.2 is not used in the Slide Show 4 and PhotoSwipe implementation of the Photo Sphere Viewer. You can use the panoramic images generated by jAlbum in the ‘slides’ folder. However it is also possible to use special panoramic images not processed by jAlbum, by storing these pictures in a ‘panslides’ sub directory of the output directory. The name of the image in the ‘panslides’ folder should be equal to the name of the corresponding slide image in the ‘slides’ folder. The image in the ‘slides’ folder will be presented on the slide page and if the same image name is found in the ‘panslides’ folder, that image is used if the expansion button is clicked. If such an image is not found in the ‘panslides’ folder, the Photo Sphere Viewer will use the image in the ‘slides’ folder. It is also possible to use for the slide page and the viewer different images. To do that make the album and next copy the image from the ‘slides’ folder to the ‘panslides’ folder. Next edit the corresponding image in the images folder and make the album again. This procedure is used for the first slide in the example album. Note: You can’t display a spherical panorama locally, you should upload your album to test this. Version 1.7.1 gives a warning message if you try to view a spherical panorama locally.
  • In panel 'Show in thumbnail tooltip' is the text 'File name' replaced by 'Nbr + File name'.
  • If 'Show shadows on index page' has been set, the top menu shows also a shadow.
  • If the folder box width is used, the folder box image css has now a max-width to prevent that the images is wider as the box.
  • The PhotoSwipe buttons of square B&W buttons do have now the same color as for round B&W buttons.
  • If no new window is selected for the Google Maps route link on the Links tab and a kml or kmz file is entered in the URL field, the map will be displayed in a section of the index page like the map for a slide location and a panorama expansion page. So background music is not stopped, but if a html file is entered, the index file is replaced by the html file and the background music stops if no new window is selected. See here for an example. The buttons in this example are made with these settings on the Links tab:
  • On a touch screen device, a map page is closed both by a swipe up and by a swipe down. Use two fingers to scroll a map.
  • Google Map full-screen button removed from the location window.
  • Bug fix: the Map type and Zoom level were not correctly copied from the Map settings tab.
  • Problem with keywords.length() in jAlbum 14.1.13 solved.
  • Problem with Google Maps apiKey solved.
  • Several http links replaced by https links.
  • Bug fix in Music.htt.
  • It is now possible to use for the custom link icon for links 6 an absolute URL starting with http.
  • All text behind "..." in a comment is displayed at the bottom of the slide page if you click on the "More info" link at the end of the displayed comment. This extended comment is not displayed on the index page.
  • To improve the readability if the title and/or description and/or ExifInfo is in the image, it is now again possible to select a (semi-transparent) background color for this description, by setting checkbox 'Use background color for bottom text:' on the Slide page tab.
  • New colored set/reset Full screen icons.
  • If check-mark 'Open first slide automatically' was set, a panorama could not be expanded. This has been corrected.
  • The slide page closes no longer if you use the mouse-wheel on a PC.
  • Order of .inc files changed: First and as last
  • The Google Maps window shows no longer a full-screen button after the close button.
  • A running mp4 movie stops now if the slide is closed or a next/previous slide is selected, however embedded Vimeo and YouTube videos have still to be stopped by hand before you go to the next slide or close the page.
  • A video is now centered in the window. For a demo open the video sample album

  • The name of variable which remembers the setting of checkbox 'Open first slide automatically' is changed, so if you use that setting, you have to set it again.
  • Check-mark 'Hide close button' is only enabled if check-mark 'Open first slide automatically' is set.
  • The skin gives now a warning message if after a folder a video or image is detected.
  • The full screen options and the automatic scrolling of an expanded panorama works now also under Linux.
  • Pressing the arrow up key closes now a slide page (the arrow down key opens the location window).
  • The 'Show location' button in the upper right corner above a slide image was only visible if in the 'Enable next menu items' also 'Show Location in Google Maps' was checked. This is now no longer required. If only 'Show Location button' was selected, the map was not shown, this has been corrected.
  • It is no longer possible to show in a Facebook Share action, the slide image and as link the slide page, see
  • The correct slide image is now shown, but the link goes to the same image.
  • The special characters in the Copyright and Author fields are now correctly displayed if there are xmp metadata available.
  • If a slide show is playing, the slide show stops playing if the next item is a video.
  • New include file just above the navigation section which replaces the wrongly positioned 2nd insert of file
  • A new button 'Move the help button to the settings window' has been added on the Index page / General tab. If you set this check-mark, you get space to add extra buttons like the AddThis Share buttons via inc files.
  • If checkbox 'Open first slide automatically' is set and checkbox 'Hide close button' is set, the slide page is not closed by a vertical swipe or scroll or click next of the image (not on PC) or with a pinch. This is the recommended setting for embedded slide pages.
  • Checkbox 'Use the background color for the image description' and color selector introduced in version 1.2.1 is removed, because it was no longer used.
  • New check-box ‘Remove top bar’ added to the Slide page settings.
  • Disable viewer settings was not implemented, done now.
  • If 'Open first slide automatically is set' and 'Show slide button' is set and 'Stop after the last slide is set', the Slide shows stops and the first slide page is displayed, so clicking the Play button will repeat the slide show in that case.
  • It is now possible to hide the Close button, if 'Open first slide automatically is set' the close button is not automatically removed.
  • It is now possible to hide the Fullscreen button.
  • File embed.htt added, which detects which kind of page should be embedded. So you can use now menu item 'Album / Embed album' to get the code to embed an index page or slide page in a website. Here is an example of an embedded album (index page) , here is an example of an embedded slide show and here is an example of an embedded gallery.
  • Bug in the focal length removed.

  • Panorama image panel added. If check-mark 'Panoramic image' is set, an expansion button will be displayed above the slide image. Clicking that button will stretch the panorama image so that the full window height is used and you can scroll the panorama horizontally. On a PC scrolling is done automatically if you move the mouse cursor left or right. If check-mark '360° panorama' is set, scrolling continues infinitely on a PC. To see an example, open my PhotoSwipe panorama sample album.
  • On the slide page settings tab is a check-mark 'Replace web location slide image by the web site' added, which allows you to view in the album the website instead of the web location image. To prevent that a possible play bar is hidden by the PhotoSwipe title bar, no title will be displayed over these websites. On a touch device, you can go to the next slide by swiping over the top tool-bar or by using the arrow buttons left and right of the website. These arrows should also be used for navigation on a PC. To see an example, open my PhotoSwipe in-line 360° panorama sample album.
  • The full screen options are now also enabled on Android systems.
  • It is now possible to add a 'Show location' button in the upper right corner above a slide image. For an example see this album.
  • Problem with iPhone videos in portrait mode solved.
  • Google Maps window was sometimes not correct, close button not visible. This has been corrected.
  • Resize problems with Map page and panorama page solved.
  • PhotoSwipe menu-zoom problem solved in a new version of photoswipe.min.js
  • After the download function, the pop-up stays no longer open.

  • The PhotoSwipe and the Slide Show 4 skin belong now to the same skinFamily, this simplifies moving from one skin to another without having to re-enter the same settings.
  • 'Web location' object implemented for jAlbum version 14, with a new option: "This is an album of albums" on the PhotoSwipe - General settings tab. If set, clicking a thumbnail of a web location on the index page will open the corresponding web-page directly, so the corresponding slide page is skipped, see my Vechtdal album. If you click on a thumbnail, the corresponding album will be opened in the same tab. Return to the parent album of albums by clicking the up arrow button on top of the child album. If this option not set, clicking a thumbnail will open the slide image which corresponds with the web location. Next the web location is opened in a new tab by clicking the 'More info' link in the upper left corner above the web location slide image, to see it click on the first thumbnail of this album.
  • New option on the Links tab: "Clicking the up-arrow button returns to the previous page" (works only if the album has been uploaded to the server and the album contains no folders).
  • It is now possible to show keywords below a slide image, if the corresponding option on the Slide Page settings has been set. For an example click here. On the bottom you see in the slide image description the Title, the Keywords and the Comment. The File name is displayed in the upper left corner.

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