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Update project Templates
Posted: 02-Apr-2017 00:23
Many skins have project templates for About, Contact, Site Map pages and so forth.
If the templates supplied with the skin are updated any already in use by a project should be updated too. If you switch to a different skin the template code maybe different, updating to the new skin's templates may be needed.

Normally this is a manual job, open the skin's template folder and then all of the templates in use in your project. Then you need to copy the content of those files and paste them into your project files. If you just replace the files themselves any information entered will be lost.

This tool simplifies the process, just select your project and run the tool. It will update all templates in your project to match those in the skin's.

Note if you have custom made templates you have two options. either keep copies of the templates, for each skin you use them with, somewhere and navigate to them when switching, or skip those templates and if necessary manually edit the templates as required for the new skin you are using.

Using the tool:
Load your project and then select from the menu 'Menu/Tools/External tools/Update project templates'. You will get a confirmation dialogue, click OK to run the tool.

If a matching template is not found in the skin's directory, for example because the project version has been renamed, the dialogue below will appear telling you template is missing a corresponding master.

If you want to search for the master template click OK otherwise click cancel and the tool will carry on looking for other template files.

The file search will begin in the skin's root directory and the template masters are normally in a subfolder called 'templates'. Double click on a folder to enter it, when you find the master select it and click OK to update the project's template.

When all folders in the project have been searched the tool will finish with a closing dialogue.
If templates have been updated you will see something like this.

If all of the templates are already updated you will see

Edited by: RobM on 04-Apr-2017 20:47
Updated the tool so it only updates templates that are different to the skin version.
It also now lets you search for templates that have had their name changed, like About.htt to About this album.htt.

Edited by: RobM on 23-Jun-2017 18:00
Fixed an error causing a crash

Edited by: RobM on 17-Jul-2017 17:52

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