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Change skin name and keep settings
Posted: 18 Feb 17, 22:09
Attached is an external tool that will let you use a renamed version of a skin whilst keeping all of the settings intact. If the renamed version of the skin is not already present it will be created for you. It will search through all projects in the 'My albums' folder and ask if the selected skin should be replaced.

How to use:
ALWAYS make a backup of your project settings before using.

Download the attached file and add it to jAlbum's tools folder (if jAlbum is open use SHIFT+Cmd/Ctrl+C to open the configuration folder and add it to the tools folder. Quit and relaunch jAlbum to see the new tool).

Select a project that uses the skin that you want to rename.
Select the 'Change skin name' tool.

Enter the name you want to use for your renamed copy.

If you don't want to confirm/select which projects will be changed uncheck 'Confirm before changing'.

Click OK

If confirming changes click on Yes to rename the skin used and No to leave it as is.

When the tool has finished the status bar will show how many files have been changed and a popup window will show all of the projects changed.

The tool has plenty of comments, so you can easily change the checkbox default and/or omit the list of projects changed.

Note, if you are making a renamed copy of a bundled skin the copy will be in the users skins folder and thus survive jAlbum updates.

Post any comments in the Skin (and tools) development forum.

Edited by: RobM on 19-Feb-2017 21:29
Updated to tighten the rename routine, now searches for a match of skin=skinName and newline/return.

This prevents a, for example, Turtle and Turtle5 from being treated the same. If Turtle and Turtle5 both exist and Turtle was then renamed to Turtle6 then Turtle5 would have become Turtle65.

Edited by: RobM on 24 Oct 2022, 23:35
Added a Groovy version

Edited by: RobM on 27 Mar 2023, 20:23
Fixed bugs and it now reloads the current project to use the renamed skin.
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