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Video conversion: Updating jAlbum's FFMpeg
Posted: 03-Jun-2016 22:27
To use the current, or a newer version of FFMpeg than supplied by jAlbum follow these steps.

Step 1
Open jAlbum's configuration directory, Cmd/Ctrl + SHIFT + C.
If using an existing manual install of ffmpeg:
Remove the ffmpeg file from the 'bin' folder and replace it with a 'soft' symbolic link to the other ffmpeg binary file..

If replacing the jAlbum ffmepg binary:
Remove the ffmpeg file from the 'bin' folder and replace it with a new ffmpeg binary from
Quit and restart jAlbum.

Step 2 (steps 2 and 3 are only needed if using jAlbum up to version 13.2)
Open each project with videos and then goto Settings/Video
and tick 'Use custom settings'.
Select the 'Value' (libvo-aacenc) for '-acodec' and replace it with 'aac'.
(Alternatively just delete the whole line. If you have other audio codecs installed you can of course use those instead of ffmpeg's own aac.)
Save the settings.

Step 3
If you want to make the new video settings the default for future projects remember to use 'Save as default' from the 'File' menu. If not you will have to change the video settings for each new project that uses video conversion.

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If you are using Mac OS 15.5 (Catalina) you may need to open ffmpeg from within the Finder, to avoid getting ffmpeg error in jAlbum, by control clicking the executable file within the bin folder and selecting 'Open'. Once it has been opened in Terminal you can quit it and it will from then on run within jAlbum.
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