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Gromit Updated
Posted: 03-Apr-2014 22:52
Gromit version 60.1 is available here:

  • A patch for a couple of HTML errors when using non-image objects, like PDF's or web locations.

Gromit version 60 release notes:

  • Option, when not using fixed-shape thumbnails, to constrain the aspect ratio (width divided by height) of the thumbnails, with a minimum of 0.5 and a maximum of 2.5. This prevents panoramic images and exceptionally tall, skinny images from producing thumbnails with extreme aspect ratios.
  • Completely revised method for handling folders, PDF's, and other objects (e.g., Word documents, Excel spreadsheets) that don't have a representing image. This includes the ability, when using the Custom style, to specify the background color behind the generic folder, PDF, and other icons on the index page, and the background color behind the generic PDF and other icons in a thumbstrip; preset styles use a color-matched background.
  • Improved handling of thumbnail and thumbstrip images that are smaller than the user settings require.
  • More selective CSS inclusion.
  • More efficient folder thumbnail sizing.
  • New PDF icon.
  • Default for video and audio autoplay set to false.
  • Correction of a couple of obscure bugs when copying navigation icons to output directory.

Sample albums & user's manual:

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