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Uploading Problems and FTP Alternatives
Posted: 6 Jul 10, 12:06
"Publishing" an album simply means uploading it from your PC or Mac to a server. It's just a file copying operation - the files that constitute the finished album aren't being altered in any way.

If you have problems uploading your album to your account, there are several possible causes.

The username or password might be incorrect. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive.

Your firewall might be blocking access, and you will need to create an exception to allow jalbum.exe to access the outside world.

Your account might be full. If you sign in to the jAlbum desktop application (upper right corner), the lower right corner will display how much storage you have available on your hosting account.

It might also be a temporary problem with the servers, so waiting a bit and trying later might fix things.

If you're uploading to your own web host, remember that the uploading routine in jAlbum is just an embedded FTP client. If it has problems communicating properly with your web host, the jAlbum team would certainly like to know about it so they can investigate and improve the application. It will often be necessary to email the account login details to the jAlbum team so that they can experiment.

Failing that, you can always use a standalone FTP client program like FileZilla to do the uploading. What needs to be uploaded are the entire contents of the project's output directory. To see where that is, and to see what's there, open the project in jAlbum, and choose Tools, Open directories, Output directory.

The jAlbum upload routine is smart, uploading only new or changed files. In almost every standalone FTP client program, you can choose a similar option. In FileZilla, for example, choose Edit, Settings, Transfers, File exists action, Uploads, Overwrite file if source file newer. Once you've done that, you can mark all of the files in the project's output directory and tell FileZilla to upload them, and it will take care of figuring out what does, and does not, need to be uploaded when you're updating an album. Nonetheless, the jAlbum upload routine will be faster because it uses a manifest file - after the first upload, subsequent updates are much faster than any standalone FTP client program.

Unless you want a single album to be the only thing on your web site, each album should be uploaded to a separate subdirectory on your hosting account. It can then be linked from your own home page, just as you would link to any other page.

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