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Forum Guidelines
Posted: 19 Mar 07, 17:46
  • Post only jAlbum subjects. These forums exist for the purpose of discussing the jAlbum application, its skins, and supporting applications. Do not start threads on other topics.
  • Use existing resources first. Before posting a question, search the forums to see if your problem has come up before. Look through the jAlbum and skin tutorials and manuals, all or which are available online.
  • Try to choose the correct forum. This isn’t always easy, but reading the descriptions of each forum and browsing the existing posts in various forums can provide an indication of the best category for your question. An administrator may move your thread – if that happens, with the current forum software, no trail of breadcrumbs is left behind. So, before concluding that your post has been deleted, look for it in the other forums.
  • Use a meaningful title. A thread title like “How to sort images by reverse camera date?” is more likely to get helpful responses than a thread with a title like “Help!” or “Something’s not right.” Do not post a thread title in all caps.
  • Give as much information as possible. Helping shouldn’t involve a game of “20 Questions.” In your post, give the important relevant information, like PC or Mac, operating system, version of jAlbum, which skin you’re using (very important), and skin version. If possible, upload the album in question to your website, and provide a URL so that others can see the problem, and investigate possible causes.
  • Stay on topic. Always stick to the original topic that was stated by the person who started the thread. If you have a comment or question that is on a different topic, please start a new thread. Ensure that you fully understand the posted topic before replying, to avoid adding irrelevant or misleading posts.
  • Do not resurrect old threads. Avoid editing or replying to long-dormant threads (referred to as "thread necromancy") unless your post is directly on point - for example, an old bug was fixed but has reappeared. Even a minor edit causes the thread to appear as "new," and it moves to the top of the list. Given that both jAlbum and technology change rapidly, a discussion of a vaguely similar issue from more than a year or two ago is not likely to be relevant today. Start a new thread, instead.
  • Do not flame, troll, or use profanity. Flaming (the act of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting) and trolling (intentionally trying to cause disruption, often in the form of posting messages that are inflammatory, insulting, incorrect, inaccurate, absurd, or off-topic, with the intent of provoking a reaction from others) are not allowed. Keep language clean.
  • Do not spam. Repeated posting of a message (or very similar messages) multiple times is considered spamming and is not welcome here. Posting the same question in multiple places also confuses those who are trying to respond to the question. When making a post, please post it only one time in the most appropriate forum category.
  • Do not advertise. Posting links primarily for the purpose of directing users to a site for the poster’s economic benefit is prohibited.
  • Do not post or link to copyrighted material. Posting copyrighted material is prohibited, unless the poster is the owner of the copyright, or unless the link connects to a publicly-accessible website maintained by the owner of the copyright. Hotlinking is not allowed unless explicitly permitted by the owner of the site where the linked image resides.
  • Do not post personal information on the forums. To keep your identity and personal information safe and to keep from being added to a spammer’s e-mail list, it is recommended that you not include email addresses or other personal information in your posts.
  • Practice good "netiquette." This includes respecting others, refraining from typing in all caps, avoiding flame wars, refraining from "bumping" posts, and keeping a level head at all times. In addition, even if forum members’ email addresses are visible, please refrain from initiating private communications unless you’re invited to do so – questions are best handled in public threads, rather than in private emails.
  • A word about language. Most posts in these forums are in English, but it is often better to post in your own language if you are not confident using English. The main thing is to get your point across in a manner that others will be able to understand and respond to. Use of online translation services is encouraged, so that both posters and readers can use their preferred language. Use of obscure idioms in any language should be avoided.
  • Post deletions and user suspensions. The forum administrators reserve the right to delete or edit any post that fails to adhere to the guidelines, and to suspend the posting privileges of any forum user who violates the guidelines, either for a fixed period of time or permanently. Disputes about administrator decisions should be directed to a member of the jAlbum team via email. Public debates about such decisions will be deleted.
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