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Jalbum and Net Object Fusion
Posted: 22-Nov-2006 07:35
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I'm new on Jalbum and I have a little problem. I can't get it to work with Net Object Fusion.
It will not show the skins or the pictures (it worked with frontpage!)
What I want to do is create a link from my homepage to a Jalbum.
I use XP

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Re: Jalbum and Net Object Fusion
Posted: 24-Nov-2006 11:43   in response to: mrbigger in response to: mrbigger
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I also use NetFusion (

I created a directory called Images and uploaded my Jalbum files as directories into that directory. To link to those directories, I used the NetFusion Hotspot feature and set up an external link to the directory I wanted in the Images directory.

Take a look at my website and you should be able to see how it works.

Best regards

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Re: Jalbum and Net Object Fusion
Posted: 05-Oct-2007 11:09   in response to: mrbigger in response to: mrbigger
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i use jalbum with frontpage 2003 - think its also possible with netobjektfusion - just make a link to j album and open this album in a pop up window - start from 1 page index en go everytime you have seen an jalbum bavk to that page 'index)
Greetings john
ps email is now

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Re: Jalbum and Net Object Fusion
Posted: 08-Nov-2007 20:41   in response to: schweboo in response to: schweboo
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Have you discovered a way to incorporate a Jalbum "show" directly into your site? Right now I'm trying to figure that out using BlueVoda webbuilder and Jalbum. Jalbum creates great web shows but can't create the full fledge site. Blue Voda webuilder can create the site but not the Jalbum quality show. I'm trying to find out how to incorporate the two.


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Re: Jalbum and Net Object Fusion
Posted: 26-Nov-2007 21:18   in response to: CLOSED_USER in response to: CLOSED_USER
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Programs that generate HTML pages like NetObjects Fusion can use an inline frame to display the HTML generated by JAlbum.

Specifically in NetObjects Fusion:
1. create a layout area where you want the pages from JAlbum to be displayed.
2. edit the HTML for the layout area to include the index.html for your album pages - specifically..

<iframe src="/albums/" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>

This represents the source of the index.html file that JAlbum created and is already published to your web space.

Once the changes have been finished in NetObjects Fusion, then publish the page as usual. Your photo gallery will be displayed where you placed the inline frame.

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Re: Jalbum and Net Object Fusion
Posted: 03-Mar-2008 17:41   in response to: fused in response to: fused
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What about just using the "external Html" feature of NOF? I don't like having anything to do with Frames.


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Re: Jalbum and Net Object Fusion
Posted: 04-Mar-2008 06:27   in response to: wpatters1229 in response to: wpatters1229
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Although I haven't used Net ObjectsFusion, my understanding (from their documentation is that you would need to import each page of the gallery separately. For most albums that would be an onerous task.
If you don't like the iframe element, you can use the object element instead.
Sample code -
<object id="content" data="gallery/index.html" height="600" width="100%" name="content"> Data not included because your browser does not support "object"</object>

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Re: Jalbum and Net Object Fusion
Posted: 24-Aug-2009 18:00   in response to: mrbigger in response to: mrbigger
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I just worked this out in NetObjects Fusion (version 9 - but think it works for earlier versions).

1) Inside Net Objects Page View, create a very small rectangle on the page at the same spot you want the top left edge slide of the slide show to appear on that page. (You use the Rectangle box from the top menu near where the pointer, the text tool and the picture icons are.)

2) After making the small rectangle, make sure its color and its line match the background color so the box is invisible when the page first loads. Example, page background is black and rectangle and its outline are also black.

3) With rectangle selected, use the component "Object HTML" from Advanced Tools in NOF. A command box will open. In the bottom, type or paste the path to the slide show on your server*. Example: http://yourdomainnamedotcom/album/slide.html

4) If you do this on a normal NOF page, the other content will disappear and the slide show will take its place and run. Otherwise, you can do it inside a frame in the browser. Then you have to put the rectangle with the Object HTML as above on the frame part of the page, use MasterBorder Properties to make the other frame the (1) frame.

5) Note that the file that actually runs the slide show in Autoviewer is called "slide.html" so that's the one I pointed at in #3 above.

  • This assumes you have used an FTP program (such as the Publish button in Net Object or a freeware program such as Filezilla) to publish the "album" folder you created on your computer. Can be any skin from Jalbum when you created the slide show for AutoViewer, Bananalbum, Photoplayer skins, etc. Or can reference any html file that executes a slide show.)

See screenshot in attached .doc
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