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Craig Dennis

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CSS Editors
Posted: 09-Sep-2003 15:25
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Hi folks

Interested in hearing what you use to edit CSS files. I've been using the built-in editor in Homesite - but I've found that it embeds invalid characters. (Made learning CSS somewhat erratic!)

I'd like to find something that is free and provides some assistance with syntax.



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Re: CSS Editors
Posted: 10-Sep-2003 07:42   in response to: Craig Dennis in response to: Craig Dennis
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I use Topstyle. A "lite" copy of this came with the version of Homesite I use, but I also have version 2.51 installed over it (which I got for free off a magazine CD). There are a number of free and freeware (I'm very keen on freeware) CSS editors out there. The ones I found after a simple search were (details added where I've used them)...

Amaya (free W3C's Editor/Browser)
This is an odd combination of browser and editor, which runs a bit slow. It's open source however, and if it works under Amaya, then it's probably "official". I haven't actually used the CSS component, but apparently it's there.

Style Assistant (freeware)
Not sure what to make of this. The website is in German which I don't speak, and the interface looks very forced.

WebAttack Freeware (Cascade DTP, Balthisar Cascade, xStyle)
Web Attack's collection of Freeware Style Editors.

Other Stuff

Style Master CSS Tutorial
Stylemaster is a commercial CSS editor. I have a free previous version which came from a magazine CD, but prefer Topstyle 2.51 instead (also from a mag CD).

W3Schools CSS Tutorial

Javascript Kit DHTML/CSS tutorials

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