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Create new style from the current settings
Posted: 8 Aug 23, 15:08
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This tool creates a new style from the current skin settings.

1. As a first step, download both tools, and copy them to the Config Directory (Ctrl-Shift-C) / tools folder.

2. Open jAlbum with the Empty Project, and select the skin you'd like to modify.

3. Run Tools / External tools / Gather UI keys. (This will create the skin's default settings file (plugins/, which is needed to detect which settings are different from the defaults.)

4. Open the album you want to tweak, and modify the settings to your liking.

5. Once you're satisfied, use the Tools / External tools / Create new style from current settings tool.

6. Enter the name of the new style, and hit OK.

You can change which variables to include or exclude. By default, the tool gathers the "include" list from the current styles and adds those that differ from the default style, but you can add and remove further variables. The "exclude" list is just a quick collection of variables that are usually not included in a style, but you can alter this list too.

7. The new style will be visible to jAlbum only after a skin reload (Ctrl-R)

Please note, that skin updates will remove these custom styles, so before you start a skin update, don't forget to back up your own styles!

You can copy the added styles in a folder called "styles" on the desktop, ZIP this styles folder, and name it as skinName.patch.jaskin, e.g. Tiger.patch.jaskin. This way, after a skin update you can copy back these styles by double-clicking this file.

Please note, overwriting the default styles might not be the best idea.

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Re: Create new style from the current settings
Posted: 15 Aug 23, 18:23   in response to: Laza in response to: Laza
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Thanks for making this Laza. This is an excellent way to encourage our users to come up with tasteful new styles without having to understand skin development.
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