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Re: MultiMaker, red warning bar
Posted: 5 Aug 22, 11:39
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Hello again...

Now, firstly before I make an idiot of myself, I am just a user and am not a criticizing at all, I have been using MultiMaker recently for uploading batches of albums due to some basic editing and wanted to just give you my thoughts, thats all.

Rather than the red bar that appears at the top of the screen, its not easy to read its text anyway, it made me just think that basic users, like me or not, may prefer to see something else.

So I wondered, what might be better was if MultiMaker when it comes across an album it thinks has not been uploaded before, could then skip the process and carry on until the end, whereupon a dialog box listing the affected albums might pop up. The user would then be fully aware of the situation, be able to make a note and upload manually either immediately or at some other time.

It maybe, a far nicer way to do it.

The red bar seems to just throw up a suggestion that the album doesn't exist on the server, when it happens, its not easy to read and its all a little confusing thats all. If I then do a manual upload during the same session and run MultiMaker again, the same warning still appears.

However, If I shut down jAlbum and restart it, the batch uploads successfully. Forgive me here, but users cannot be expected to know that when this issue arises, they have to do a manual upload and restart jAlbum, whereupon all will be fine.

And anyway as a manual upload just took place theres no point in restarting jAlbum to run MultiMaker again as the job is done. The issue though, of MultiMaker NOT finding the previously uploaded directory on the server, without restarting jAlbum, still exists.

Anyway, just my thoughts and I'm off to Chiddingstone Castle lake now, for a picnic :-)

Kind Regards Peter

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