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Shadow Borders
Posted: 31 Jul 22, 14:54
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I believe the first skin I used for my images automatically added a very nice 3D boarder. I changed to a skin that now doesn’t add boarders. Please compare the first image in that web site picture gallery with the second which does have the "boarder" I would like to use for all images. My jAlbum technical skills are very limited so is there an easy way to automatically add that 3D boarder to all jAlbum images in my web site? Bob

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Re: Borders
Posted: 31 Jul 22, 15:15   in response to: medicalantiques in response to: medicalantiques
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There has never been a skin that would automatically create those kinds of multi-layered borders. The only way to create those would be with a series of calls to the XBorderFilter that is part of the jAlbum core.

Open the project (a version saved before you made the current changes), and look at Settings > Advanced > User Variables. There, you should see all of the pieces of that border filter.

Documentation for the filter:

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Re: Borders
Posted: 31 Jul 22, 16:24   in response to: JeffTucker in response to: JeffTucker
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It's been about a decade since I last used the XBorderFilter, so I wasn't sure I could still remember how to put this together. Happily, the dementia hasn't taken hold entirely yet. ;)

First, in the Saturn settings, don't try to use the skin's own slide borders - that will just make a hash of things. So, under Saturn > Slides > Appearance, keep the border width to zero.

I would use the XBorderFilter only for the slide images. The thumbnails will look much better if their borders are a bit simpler. So, just stick to using the options under Saturn > Thumbnails > Borders.

The messy piece goes under Settings > Advanced > User Variables (this is not on the skin panels, but on the jAlbum panels). I've attached a screenshot of the entries, and here they are in a form from which you can copy and paste:
filter1	class=XBorderFilter shWidth=15 shDir=SE shCol=#666666 bgCol=#c6c6c6 closeups
filter2	class=XBorderFilter shWidth=15 shDir=NW shCol=#c6c6c6  bgCol=#c6c6c6 closeups
filter3	class=XBorderFilter shWidth=15 shDir=SE shCol=#666666 bgCol=#e1e1e1 closeups
filter4	class=XBorderFilter shWidth=15 shDir=NW shCol=#e1e1e1  bgCol=#e1e1e1 closeups
filter5	class=XBorderFilter shWidth=15 shDir=SE shCol=#666666 bgCol=#a2a2a2 closeups
filter6	class=XBorderFilter shWidth=15 shDir=NW shCol=#a2a2a2  bgCol=#a2a2a2 closeups
Note that the names - filter1, filter2, etc. - have to be separate from the values.
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