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Installing and using FileZilla
Posted: 09-Jul-2018 13:17
FileZilla is a great app to have on your machine, even if you normally use the jAlbum uploader, and it's a freebie.

1. Download the client program and install it:
2. Launch it and, from the top menu, choose File, Site Manager, and click the New Site button
3. To add your account, for Protocol, choose SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
4. For Host, enter
5. Leave Port blank.
6. For Logon Type, choose Normal
7. For User, enter your jAlbum username
8. For Password, enter your jAlbum password
9. Click Connect to make sure it's all working

Before doing any uploading, it's best to tell FileZilla to upload only new or changed files

1. From the top menu, choose Edit, Settings
2. Go to Transfers, File exists action, Uploads, and choose Overwrite if source file newer, and click OK

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Re: Installing and using FileZilla
Posted: 09-Jul-2018 13:31   in response to: jGromit in response to: jGromit
Attachment fzupload1.png (71.6 KB)
Attachment fzupload2.png (17.6 KB)
Attachment fzupload3.png (19.1 KB)
Attachment fzupload4.png (9.1 KB)
Now launch jAlbum, create an album project, and Make Album. Now you're ready to upload it. We'll call this project FZtest.

  • Launch FileZilla. From the top menu, select File, Site Manager, choose your jAlbum account, and click Connect.
  • On the left, you'll see what's on your PC. On the right, you'll see what's on your account - there will be a folder (directory) for each album you've already uploaded.
  • On the left, navigate to your album. It will normally be at C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Albums\FZtest\album. It's important that you do not upload the album folder - you want to upload the contents of the album folder. See fzupload1.png
  • If you're updating an existing project, open that folder on the right. If it's a new project, right-click somewhere in the right panel and choose Create directory and enter it. See fzupload2.png
  • Enter the project name and click OK. See fzupload3.png
  • Now the right panel should look like fzupload4.png

(Next post).

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Re: Installing and using FileZilla
Posted: 09-Jul-2018 13:36   in response to: jGromit in response to: jGromit
Attachment fzupload5.png (26.3 KB)
Attachment fzupload6.png (30.8 KB)
Attachment fzupload7.png (28.7 KB)
  • Now back to the left panel - select all the folders and files. You can just click in the left panel and hit CTRL-A. See fzupload5.png
  • Right-click on the highlighted folders and files, and choose Upload. See fzupload6.png
  • When the upload is finished, you should see the same folders and files on your PC (left) and on the server (right). See fzupload7.png

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Re: Installing and using FileZilla
Posted: 10-Apr-2020 17:48   in response to: jGromit in response to: jGromit
One quick update to this thread.... I am now using the built-in jAlbum uploader for most of my projects. The only exception is my skin demo site, which is an unusual use-case (multiple linked albums, many pages produced outside of jAlbum, and so on).

The jAlbum uploader is now considerably more robust than it used to be - it is better able to handle poor connections, misconfigured servers, and so on.

It is also faster than using a standalone FTP application like FileZilla, because of its use of a manifest file to keep track of what it has uploaded to the server prior to the current session. Its use of multiple threads also produces faster uploads.

Finally, while FileZilla doesn't provide a good method of removing unneeded files, the jAlbum uploader does, again because of the presence of the manifest file. And it does so automatically, which results in fewer leftover, superfluous files lingering on the server.

In short, you should be using the jAlbum uploader unless you have a very good reason not to do so. If it causes some sort of problem for you, please post about it in the Uploading albums forum section.
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