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Posted: 14 Dec 18, 17:37
With the blessing of David and Anders, RobM and I have been engaged in a substantial cleanup effort in the forums.

A lot of what we're doing consists of deleting outdated, unhelpful threads. There were long discussions about bugs that were fixed a decade ago, feature requests that were implemented years ago, skins that don't exist any longer, skins that don't work these days (all of the Flash skins, for example), code-hacking examples that wouldn't work today, and so on. Being able to hunt down this kind of information is of no practical value today - in fact, it could mislead a visitor into wasting a lot of time on out-of-date advice.

I've also been doing some wholesale forum reorganization. There were several skins that had their own forum sections, but in which most of the threads were ancient history, and no longer relevant. Once those were cleared out, the remaining threads were rolled into Other skins. They're still searchable by skin name, of course.

In the case of "legacy" skins, we felt that leaving a lot of threads would lead users into sticking with those skins, when they should, instead, be encouraged to move to more current offerings. Most of the Chameleon threads, for example, were consigned to the dustbin of history - it was a great skin, but its time has passed.

More cleanup is still happening. But if you find a bug, want to suggest a feature, or have a problem with one of the less-prominent skins, don't hesitate to start a thread about it! If you're posting in Other skins, however, please identify the skin in the thread title.
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