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Video from images tool
Posted: 15-Jul-2018 23:20
This tool requires jAlbum 17 or later and an FFMPEG build no older than 2013, ideally FFMPEG should be updated to at least the version currently bundled with brand new jAlbum installs.

The tool will create mp4 movies from images, with or without a sound track, and using images from the project or from a completed album's 'slides' folders. The videos created will be marked as 'Do not re-encode', so the quality will not be reduced; any audio files added for soundtracks will be marked as 'Excluded', to stop them appearing in your album.

Caveat: when using the tool images used must be of one type only, that is jpg or png or gif etc. If you have mixed image types within a folder only images matching the first type found within a folder will be included in the video.

Follow the usual steps to install the tool.
See the manual page for detailed instructions

Edited by: RobM on 04-Oct-2020 21:18
Changed script to process only required files, should only slideshow or only album wide slideshows be needed

Edited by: RobM on 08-Oct-2020 22:38
Added a version for (Windows only?) overcoming 'Locked file syndrome' - where the process completes without error but the OS prevents videos being updated. This 'Video from images (locked file version)' copies the title, comment and keywords, if any, of the existing video. It then deletes the video, so the file is not locked, recreates the video and then applies the title, comment and keywords to the new video.

Test on a Mac, but unable to verify it works with Windows - known to lock files - as I don't have access to that OS.
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