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Images to video tool
Posted: 15-Jul-2018 23:20
This tool replaces the one in this old thread,

It works on any OS. The tool will create mp4 movies from images, with or without a sound track, and using images
from the project or from a completed album's 'slides' folders. The videos created will be marked as 'Do not re-encode',
so the quality will not be reduced; any audio files added for soundtracks will be marked as 'Excluded', to stop them appearing in your album.

Caveat: when using the tool images used must be of one type only, that is jpg or png or gif etc. If you have mixed image types within a folder only images matching the first type found within a folder will be included in the video.

The tool creates text files to store the tool settings and also to list the images in a format that ffmpeg can use. These files are created in the hidden '.jalbum' folders within the project files.

Follow the usual steps to install the tool.

Running the tool

The tool's interface will show when it is run

Enter a name for the video files to be created within each folder, do not include the file type as '.mp4' will be appended for you.

Enter a name for an album wide video, it will be created in the root folder.

Leaving either field above empty will stop videos of that type being made.

Enter the minimum number of images needed before a video will be made.
This lets you eliminate videos being made for folders only having a few images, where having
a video would not seem sensible or of value. The number can be in the range of 3 to 30.
If an album wide video is being made then no images are required at the root level, the minimum
value set is ignored.

Enter a number to set the time each image is shown in the video, the range is 1 to 9 (seconds).

Enter the name of an accompanying audio file, include the file type.
You can use any audio format supported by ffmpeg, mp3, wav, air etc.
If an audio track is included in any folder ensure the audio file is at least as long as the number of images multiplied by the display time, otherwise not all images will be included.

For every folder except the root that has a file of this name it will be used to make the
soundtrack for the video of that folder. So you can have different sound tracks but they must
all have the same name.

For the root folder, since it can have both an album wide and a folder level video the audio file name for the album wide video should be prepended by 'album_'.

Audio tracks will automatically be excluded from the album, there is no need for you to do so.

Check 'Use project images' if you want to use images from the project's 'image' directories.
If you want to use images from the album's slides folder instead uncheck it.

Check 'Overwrite existing videos' if you want to force a complete rebuild of all videos.
Uncheck it if you want to remake the video(s) from certain folders,
for example if you have added more images to a folder. If that is the case then make sure
the appropriate videos have been deleted from the project before the tool is run.

Check 'Print progress details to the system console' if things don't work as expected.
The system console will provide lots of detail on what the script is doing and also what
ffmpeg is doing during the making of the videos. That information can be posted in the
forums (general discussion or bug reports, in both case please clearly indicate it relates to
this tool).

When ready to go click 'OK'. Please be patient as making movies from images can be time consuming. Your computer's fans may also speed up as it is CPU/GPU intensive. jAlbum's status bar will keep updating as folders are being processed.

Once the script has finished you just need to make the album and upload it.

Script running, showing processing 'Objects' folder

Script completed, number of videos made shown.

jAlbum explore view, 2 excluded audio files and 2 videos marked as 'Do not re-encode' - icon of a camera shown top right of the thumbnails.

System console output

Completed script message

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