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Multiple configurations of jAlbum
Posted: 29-Dec-2017 19:11
This tool will let you have multiple configuration sets of the following files:

This will allow you to easily setup jAlbum to run with different projects in your 'Recent projects' list,
have different default settings - both jAlbum and skin specific, and manage multiple web sites independently.

Before using the tool you should make a backup of the above files, after using it you should also keep backup copies of any configuration sets you make.

When first run the tool will create a 'defaults' folder in your jAlbum configuration folder (SHIFT + CMD/CNTR + C),
it will then copy all, existing, files listed above to a 'Default' subfolder of 'defaults'.
A new file '' is created in the root config folder, this saves the name of the
currently selected configuration and the state of the single checkbox.

The tool will look like this:

Click the textfield and enter a name for another configuration set.
If you want to base this new set on the existing set you can click OK, otherwise tick the
checkbox and then click OK.

As you have created a new configuration set you MUST now quit and restart jAlbum.

Having restarted jAlbum the new configuration will be active and a new subfolder created in 'defaults'.

Running the tool again now gives you the option of re-selecting the 'Default' configuration or creating another new set.

To make an alternative configuration active you will need to quit and restart jAlbum - if you have changed your mind though, run the tool again and select the required configuration before restarting.

When making a new set based on jAlbum defaults I recommend adding a project after restarting and before changing configurations again. It makes it easy to identify the selected configuration just by seeing what projects are loaded.

When creating a new set it will be based on the currently active set or jAlbum defaults - picking another set with the combobox won't use that set as the basis for the new one unless it is 'activated' first.

To delete a configuration make sure another one has been activated and then open the jAlbum configuration folder (SHIFT + CMD/CNTR + C)
and delete the unwanted configuration subfolder. When the tool is next run it will only show the remaining configurations.

Three different configurations of jAlbum:

Remember, when making new configurations you MUST restart jAlbum straight away.

Finally, the active configuration's folder will have a copy of the files when that set was loaded, it will only be updated when another set is made active - something to remember when backing up your configuration files.

This tool is used at your own risk - I have used it but even I keep backups!

Any questions please post them in the general discussion forum.

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