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Install zip version of jAlbum on Linux
Posted: 07-Aug-2016 16:21
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This is a concise, but yet complete description of all steps required for installing and running the newest version of jAlbum on Linux:

  • download Zip Version of jAlbum
  • download recommended version of Oracle Java, either JDK or JRE.
  • open download folder (screen shot #4) and install both by single clicking their icons; ignore the Java installation error
  • create a program starter on your desktop with the following command:
    java -jar /home/barbara/Downloads/jAlbum/JAlbum.jar
    (screen shot #5)
  • click and enjoy jAlbum
  • copy the program starter to your system's application directory (e.g. /usr/share/applications/). jAlbum will show up in the application menu of all users' desktops.
Note: Pathname of your Download folder may differ.

Edited by: karlmistelberger on 19-Jun-2018 08:02 Added system wide installation

With jAlbum switching to OpenJDK installation of JavaFX is required for successfully running jAlbum. Modify the program starter to reflect the change of command string:

/usr/lib64/jvm/jre-13-openjdk/bin/java --module-path /home/karl/Downloads/javafx-sdk-13.0.1/lib,javafx.swing,javafx.web -jar /home/karl/Downloads/jAlbum/JAlbum.jar

Values of bold strings depend on details of your installation.

Edited by: karlmistelberger on 23-Jan-2020 14:17

A full version of OpenJDK is available from BellSoft: No additional libraries needed:

java -jar /home/karl/Downloads/jAlbum/JAlbum.jar

Edited by: karlmistelberger on 19-Feb-2020 12:29
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