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Using Comment Links to access Hidden Folders
Posted: 08-May-2007 11:09
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See the Chameleon tutorial Hidden or Private Folders. A comment can be used as an effective "Folder Link" to part of an album that is (but does not have to be) excluded or hidden. Equally, the link can be used in or files. Some examples :

1. A Best Of album with a hidden "See-All" option

Sometimes, the appearance of an album is upset when trying to accommodate a feature; for instance, a "Best Of" album may be organised by Year, but all the images (in a "Years & Months" arrangement) are still required. A "see-all" folder upsets the simple "Years" appearance, so it is convenient to hide this part of the album. However, it can be accessed by a comment that links to the "Years & Months" folder.

The comment has a link of the form:

<a href="Years & Months/index.html">
Click to go <i>all</i> images, <i>hidden</i> 
in an album arranged by <i>Years & Months</i></a>

(Note that the above code has carriage returns to stop the Forum page becoming too wide)

See Enhanced Image Comment Link to a Hidden Folder

2. Using a Hidden Folder to store a Zip file

It is occasionally desired to have a single zip file, easily downloadable, that contains the original images used in the album. This is easily achieved with a hidden folder and link, given that JAlbum itself recognises zip files.

Create the zip file and locate it in the "hidden" folder. Using the methods described above, a link will open that folder's Index Page. Right-click the zip file's thumbnail, then Save As will allow the file to be downloaded to the local PC.



However, JAlbum v7.1 seems to support zip files when they exist in the top-level folder, only. When a zip exists in a sub-folder, the build fails with an "Unsupported File Format" error message.

A workaround:

Use a 2-pass build; process the dedicated "hidden" zip folder first, then the album as normal. The project jap file can exclude the zip folder, if necessary, in which case a comment link or similar is required to access that folder's Index Page.

The url can be given directly to a user, and therefore no indication of the existence of the "hidden" zip folder will be directly visible in the album.

See Hidden Folder with a Zip File

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