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Re: Video creation time
General discussion, 21-Sep-2020
Here's how you at least can format the date without time (slide.htt):code Original date: ${original...
Re: Desk top app wont open
Bug reports, 21-Sep-2020
Apart from what jGromit states, also try running jAlbum via the "StartJAlbum-debug.cmd" file and tel...
Re: Editor icon blocks comment
Bug reports, 21-Sep-2020
I've now made the displaying of the "Open HTML editor" button optional under Preferences. Just make ...
Re: Editor icon blocks comment
Bug reports, 21-Sep-2020
Is there any real need for the edit icon? Why not use the clicking in the comment field as the sign...
Re: Use variable originalDate also for the recoding date of a video
Feature requests, 21-Sep-2020
I've now updated jAlbum 22.0.3 to pass the original date of videos (mp4 and QuickTime) to the "origi...


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0) out.closeEntry(); in.close(); } out.close(); [/code]
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