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Re: Hosting a Large Jalbum Video Portfolio
General discussion, 1 Jun 2023
Thanks. My colleague Anders will look into this. He's our "server side guy" :-)
Re: jAlbum on Java 20
General discussion, 1 Jun 2023
I agree. It also saddens me that the, probably, well known issues haven't been addressed. Oracle is ...
jAlbum on Java 20
General discussion, 1 Jun 2023
I've upgraded the underlying Java engine from v19 to v20, including the corresponding JavaFX update....
Re: No preview
Bug reports, 1 Jun 2023
I basically like the more modern look of the new theme, but the progress bar is REALLY hard to see a...
Re: No preview
Bug reports, 1 Jun 2023
But check your email re: the new installer. I believe the installation location changed when we c...


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