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Re: Make Album - Process only updated subdirectories not ok
Bug reports, 13 Jun 2024
I honestly can't say why it reprocessed more than you expected, but if you see a pattern let me know...
Re: jAlbum 35 beta for testing
General discussion, 13 Jun 2024
ETA: If I were you, I'd think long and hard about this before releasing jAlbum 35. Once that toothp...
Re: jAlbum 35 beta for testing
General discussion, 12 Jun 2024
Why couldn't all of those files and folders be in, say, * /PGroups/*, instead of Documents/My Albu...
Re: jAlbum 35 beta for testing
General discussion, 12 Jun 2024
On the color issue: I've found the cause for incorrect colors / missing color indication during drag...
Re: Uploading gives error message
Uploading albums, 12 Jun 2024
It seems like something is interfering with the transfer: Caused by: it.sauronsoftware.ftp4j.FTPExc...


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