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Re: Embed YouTube video
Skins » Story, 21-Oct-2020
That doesn't seem to have changed the behavior, I'm afraid. If anything, it seems to be even more st...
Re: index.html not updating
General discussion, 21-Oct-2020
Noʻu ka hauʻoli. :)
Re: Embed YouTube video
Skins » Story, 20-Oct-2020
I've done some more poking around. I've had to do some very aggressive cache-clearing to make sure o...
Re: Release version not updating
Bug reports, 20-Oct-2020
What OS? If it's Windows, have you done the full uninstall/reinstall, instructions in the linked thr...
Re: Embed YouTube video
Skins » Story, 20-Oct-2020
Code Gnomes™, of course. They sneak in at night and mess up your code. ;)


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