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Re: How to add Data Tables and Accordions to Custom Pages
General discussion, 20 Jul 2024
Linking to such a CSS source will cause all sorts of problems.... You're not kidding. It's resetti...
Re: Help! Corrupted images when uploading under new version. :(
Uploading albums, 20 Jul 2024
This is the sign of an upload that has suffered from terrible connection problems. First, make sure ...
Re: Video Album Ballooned in Size
Bug reports, 20 Jul 2024
So, "do not re-encode" actually means, "clobber the existing processed video and replace it with the...
Re: Video Album Ballooned in Size
Bug reports, 20 Jul 2024
Odd, I thought I didn't touch any of that logic... Clearly another attack by the insidious Code Gn...
Re: Please keep comments when an image is overwritten
Feature requests, 20 Jul 2024
I agree - this has annoyed me in the past. Pro tip, however: do your image file replacement outside...


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Since it's no longer a beta....
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This one escapes me. Sorting the projects by name produces a sequence that I find quite mystifying! ...
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How can we get a list of all the command line options? These commands used to work, but no longer do...
Microsoft Defender reacting to jAlbum 28.0.1
General discussion, 5 May 2022
When I launch jAlbum 28.0.1, I'm getting a warning from Microsoft Defender about a "threat" that it ...