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Comment box size
Posted: 3 Jul 21, 06:11
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Is there a way of controling the size of the comment box? I want to encourage comments hence would like to have it open at all times - but it covers up the photo image.

I'd rather like to have a 3 or 4 line image box open with the whole of the photo visible above it. Is configuring this possible?

I've played with Tiger and Minimal skins and I don't see that this is part of the skin but I don't know that - is one or another skin better for this purpose?

In fact looking on the PC screen it would be better positioned on the side but as most people these days are likely going to look on their smartphone or iPad perhaps that isn't better.


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Re: Comment box size
Posted: 3 Jul 21, 06:30   in response to: rnmerchant in response to: rnmerchant
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You've stumbled on one of the basic problem with widgets, and it's one of the reasons that both Laza and I dislike them.

In short, the page produced by the skin developer doesn't know that the widgets are there, and the skin has very little control over their appearance. A skin could leave a default amount of space available for the widget comment box, but then if that box is minimized, the skin's own display is no longer taking full advantage of the viewport.

Trying to make a skin fully responsive to the size of the viewport is tough enough, but trying to compensate for what some other script is doing to the display is more than we're willing to tackle.

In my skins, I finally got tired of trying to work around the widgets, so my skins disable them completely.

And BTW, because HTML, by its very design, is a "start at the top and lay out the elements down the page" language, putting stuff on one side or the other is particularly challenging! ;)
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