Announcement: You change style but some of the graphic files remain from the old
Posted By: Laza
Posted: 05-Oct-2010 11:42
It's only a caching issue, your visitors will not experience this problem unless they saw the previous album.

In most cases when you hit Ctrl-F5 (Refresh or Reload) the changed graphics are downloaded again from the server. In Turtle skin however many of these graphics are on a hidden layer (like the control bar), and thus the browser will not reload them. In order to make the browser to reload everything you need to clean up the browser's cache.

FireFox: Tools / Options / Advanced / Network / Offline storage: Clear now
IE: Tools / Internet options / General / Browsing history / Delete / Temporary Internet Files : Delete
Chrome: Tools / Options / Under the hood / Clear browsing data / Empty the cache : Clear browsing data
Safari: Tools / Reset Safari / Empty the cahce : Reset
Opera: Menu / Settings / Delete private data / Detailed options: Delete entire cache / Delete