Announcement: Adding watermark to photos / Copy protection
Posted By: Laza
Posted: 04-Jun-2010 11:36

If you'd like to watermark your photos, the easiest way to do is the following:

1. Select the first thumbnail.
2. Go to Edit mode (Right click -> Edit mode, or double click the thumb, or click the middle button with the pencil on the top right corner)
3. Click the Text filter (T) on the right.
4. Add your text, select font
5. Click advanced and select Watermark
6. Go back to Thumbnail mode (Click the 'Leave Edit mode' above the image or click the left button on the top right.)
7. Right click / Image filters / Copy
8. Select all (Edit / Select all or Ctrl-A)
9. Right click / Image filters / Paste

This will copy the same watermark to all images in the folder. This way you can have different watermark per picture or folder, whatever you need.

Applying watermark automatically based on the text from Iptc.copyright data.

1. Go to Advanced settings panel: Album / Settings / Advanced / User variables
2. Click on the left field and enter: filter1
3. In the right input field add this:
class=WatermarkFilter text="$copyright" size=30  closeups align=right valign=bottom margin=20

4. Make your album with Make All (click the little triangle on the Make button)

(Here is the full list of options:

Copy protection

First you must understand that there's no such thing as 'copy protection' with the images on the internet. Once a user is viewing the image he/she can take a screen shot, find the original looking at the page source or find the cached image in the temporary files. To protect your intellectual property you can use watermark, give a clear statement of the copyright status and avoid uploading the high resolution images with your albums.

There are some browser hacks around which can disable the right click functionality in some browsers, but circumventing such protection you just need to change your browser. Anyway, the right click belongs to the browser functionality, thus HTML pages are usually not allowed to change it.