Announcement: Errors on Make Album with extra pages - About, Contact, Site Map, etc.
Posted By: JeffTucker
Posted: 3 Oct 20, 13:18
The below information relates to web pages added to projects before 5 June 2020 or, if after, to pages converted from links to copies. jAlbum 20.2 introduced the linking to the currently selected skin templates method, so changing skins automatically updates the templates code.

About, Contact and other web pages added when using Turtle, or any other skin, can't be used in Lucid without being updated. Either delete it and add it again (i.e., add the Lucid version of Contact.htt - this will lose any data), or try this tool to convert it:

This conversion is needed because Lucid is based on a different scripting language than Turtle, therefore you need to update the function calls in these pages.

Edited by RobM to take account of the new template linking method in jAlbum 20.2