Announcement: Using Microsoft IIS or Azure server with Photoblogger
Posted By: Laza
Posted: 13 Oct 15, 10:54
Microsoft severs unfortunately doesn't support many file types out of the box, like the most important JSON files that work as picture database in Photoblogger. All you have to do is turning on the "Settings / Photoblogger / Advanced / Site admin / Use Microsoft IIS or Azure server configuration" setting. (Make and Upload to get the changes through.) When using this option Photoblogger will place a small configuration script that the JSON and WOFF file types in the album.

You can also make the changes globally on the server by following these steps:

1. Open IIS Manager
2. Display properties for the IIS Server
3. Click MIME Types and add the following extensions:
File name extension: .json
MIME type: application/json
File name extension: .woff
MIME type: application/x-woff
4. Restart the server

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